Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Lazy Week and Boys in Boxes.

... and another typical, if slow, week passes by in the Perkins family, as autumn comes to an end and winter like weather comes on the scene.

My day started Monday with some shopping to facilitate finishing off 'good deeds', in my good deed journal.  Its been a tough year, because I decided to actually try to do the suggested deeds, yes, all 365 of them... call me crazy.

I crossed off 'hanging a wild bird' feeder and 'drawing a hop scotch'.  Can you see where I goofed?  Its been a long time.

Other things were done Monday as well, things like blogging, cleaning, laundry and all that Jazz.

 In the evening Dad and I picked up Eszie for our bi-weekly grandchild date ... we went and saw a movie at the Water Gardens in PG then went over to Trevor and Nell's so that they could meet her too.  Here she is with Scott, I think it was interesting for them to meet.
On Tuesday I went to Ashley's and watched Zach, along with Becca's kids and Eleanor, who Becca picked up for a cousin date on her way down to Orem!!  The kids had a blast playing together.  I love to see it!

Becca got back in time to take Zach to school, and then took the other kids home, as I headed to Salt Lake for my Temple Date with Arlene.  I finally got to see the third new film!  Hurrah!  Visiting with her at Zupas afterwards is getting to be one of the high lights of my month. ... its amazing how it takes me back to our good old college days!  I adore her!

Dad, meanwhile, had a temple date of his own, at the Provo temple, only his takes much longer than mine, and he doesn't get home until almost midnight!

... and speaking of cousins, it was fun to see both of these pictures of boys in boxes this week.
On Wednesday, it was off to work, as usual.  As you know Wednesday is also my ROCC listing day, and this is the item I chose to list.  Sort of funny, because I haven't had it for sale before as I used it for display.  I've had people ask, but just thought it was a great display.  So I got a shelf from Keith that held more vintage goodness, and decided to part with this.  It sold to a gal I know well,  ... I laughed ... when she said, 'I've been asking you if I could buy that for years' ... she came in Thursday to seal the deal!

Here's another picture I got this week, one that Emily texted me!!  I love this chance to be a part of their lives, long distance.

 On Thursday, I redid this booth up front.  Richard worked too, and was able to hobble the lights together, perhaps for the last time.  We've used this tree since the mall opened 14 years ago.

That night I made up my glittery snow balls for the RS Super Saturday class I was teaching.
On Friday I worked again, this time with Gretchen, who is always nice.  After work Dad came and got me in hopes of hitting Darrin and Darcy Pierce's daughter's reception, but it was not to be ... an accident on the freeway put the kibosh on that ... We just got off the exit to Highland, when we finally got that far, and met up with Heuers for dinner and sappy Christmas movies .... ah yes, the ideal evening!

 On Saturday I was up early to gather the items I'd need for the Super Saturday Snowman class.  Then it was off to set up.

Dad headed north early to spend the day with Uncle Doug working on Megan's new bathroom some more.

After the class and lunch, which lasted until two, I rushed to Salt Lake to attend the first  Fleattitude Vintage Market, ala Cathie of former flea.o.logy fame.  I only had an hour to shop and visit, but I loved every minute of it.  I probably knew at least half of the dealers, which is always fun.

 I loved this booth of fairy crafted items ... in fact I bought one of her cute little fairy doors ...

These two fun girls are sisters, and both sell at Treasures too, you can see they are having a good time!
Since I was going to Salt Lake, I took a load of vintage goodies to donate to another dealer, one I've not met, for a sale we are doing next week to help pay for her medical expenses, as she fights a brain tumor.
Then on the way home, I stopped at Becca's to drop off some book cases that she bought when she was at Treasures on Wednesday.   I had to get a picture of the amazing barn door that her father-in-law built for them.

As well as the tile  in their bathroom that they are finishing up!!

 By this time, I am pretty sure that Dad and the boys were all frozen at the BYU game, in fact I think those smiles are frozen in place, don't you?

So that was Saturday.  Sunday was quiet, and comfy.  I got up early enough to finish up my RS lesson, as Dad took off for his Presidency meeting, then sacrament meetings at the nursing homes.  I got to attend our ward, as usual, and enjoyed Sunday School.  I guess we have 3 teachers and two of them are amazing.  Just what I love!

My RS lesson went well, for which I was grateful.  The rest of the day was quiet and enjoyable.
Not sure when this picture was taken, but I stole it from Darby's face book page.  Pretty cute eh?

.. and this one I clicked off on my phone with a screen shot while watching a video of the grands singing to Grandpa Carlo at the nursing home ... from left to right are Reagan, Zach and Titan.  Thanks Becca for being such a loyal grand daughter.

... and that was our lazy, laid back sort of week.

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  1. If I am tired after reading your post, then it was NOT a slow eek! I love tha you are doing all 365 good deeds! I love that you combine charity with your business! Excuse me, were we not at the Heuers too??? 😜