Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Of Traffic Court and Men in Tights and General Conference

How I spent my week, last week.  It started out with me working on shipping glasses for Hatchet on Monday ... I also got some laundry done. That evening Dad and I took Eszie to see the movie Saints and Soldiers II, and then we got Mexican at Mi Ranchito in American Fork.

 On Tuesday, I started the day finally taking care of the ticket I got last May.  I'd turned onto the freeway entrance at 1600 north in Orem, but noticed that ALL the cars were making a U turn partway up the ramp.  I then noticed that the freeway was stopped, and there was a policeman driving in reverse down the ramp at a high rate of speed.  I concluded the freeway was closed and followed the 6 cars ahead of me in the U turn.  The policeman got to the bottom of the ramp and motioned everyone to pull over and gave us tickets ... I guess the first guy turned around on the ramp, and others seeing the policeman there too, figured he'd told him to turn around and  had followed him.  Long story short ... I pleaded no contest (I was judged on my 'actions not my intent'!) and paid the fine ... but won't have it on my record if I don't have another offence for 6 months.   Aw yes, law enforcement as fund raising.

The good part of the day is that Darby called me when I was at DI and asked me how to get to the Provo DI, she was killing time waiting for the papers to be ready for her to close on her house ...

So we hung out at DI and then went to Cafe Rio for lunch and visiting .... in the end she hung out with Becca and Ashley at Ashley's house until 4 before she got to go and sign papers.

Of course Dad had the temple that evening, and I did more glasses shipping work for Hatchet.

 On Wednesday I took all the goodies I'd gotten on our Idaho trip and got them priced and out at the antique mall.
 Also, that day, Jenn Reed, my former partner in fleaology, was on Studio 5 talking about vintage shopping.  The black globe shown here to the left is one she bought on my watch the week before.  She took about 20 pictures of Treasures which aired on the show, which was her first featured store, and of the 20 pictures 8 of them were of my booth or vignettes, including my outside booth, shown below.
That was a lot of fun, and got us a lot of attention. In Fact the first thing on Thursday morning, after the broadcast, we had several youngish women come in, many of whom who had seen the segment and were there for the first time.  I personally sold two world globes that morning.

Dad got off a bit early that day to stop and visit his Dad on his birthday, which also happens to be ...

the anniversary of the day we met.  He took me out to Takada for dinner that night to celebrate!!  Isn't he so romantic?

On Friday I did some house keeping and laundry before heading north where I shopped at the DI in AF for a while before going to a Jamberry party hosted by Adrienne, one of Barb's nieces.  I've wanted to get Jamberry fingernail art for a couple of years, really since I saw what Nell had done with them several years ago.  This way I get what I want and get to help someone I know who is trying to get a business going.  Anyway, loved it, did the samples on my ring fingers then came home and painted my other nails to coordinate that night.
 But before finishing my nails I stopped in Spanish as Davin and Bri were going to the BYU game and I was to watch their kids until Aunt Darby could get home to take over.  Don't you love how they get into the spirit of being True Blue?  Trevor got a unitard too, but I didn't get a picture of them all.  Unfortunately the game was the worst and most tragic ever ... but that is not my story.
Here are the cutie pies in the tub.

I worked on Saturday, but left Dad with a list of projects to help me with for the 3Dotters Vintage market this coming weekend.  He also found time to help Becca and Brady with some wiring before heading up to the Conference Center with these handsome young men for the Priesthood Session of Conference.

On Sunday Dad and I watched conference in our room, while I made up the photo book craft kit I had bought at the Spooky Spark Soiree the week before ... of course Conference was wonderful, as always!

We had Navajo tacos for family dinner and celebrated Nell and Brady's birthdays!  

... and that completes our pretty ordinary week.

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  1. Wow! You stuff was on TV! That's NOT ordinary! Your nails are cute and look just like you! It was a TRAGIC game!