Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Eating Out x 5, Grandma Dates x 3 and a Rollover too!

 As always,  my week started off with a walk with LaVern in Genola ... I took a moment to take a picture of her vintage shopping basket filled with pumpkins and gourds ...

The gourds are funny, they are from her cousin, a watermelon that cross pollinated with a squash ...

 Later that day I went to take Eleanor on her first Grandma date, like I did with Eva, when Nell was so sick with her second pregnancy.

Since it happened to be her birthday the day before, I also took her birthday shopping.  Don't you love the picture of her in the dark with her pumpkin flash light?
 That night we had an Eszie date and went to see The Hundred Foot Journey, which we all enjoyed, but it talked so much about Indian food, we ended up with a craving, so we had dinner at an Indian place we haven't tried before, in American Fork.

On Tuesday it was my monthly date with Arlene, which means a session in the Jordan River Temple, followed by dinner and chatting at Zupa's.  Dad. of course, also went to the temple, for his weekly shift there.
On Wednesday I took the witch mannequin to work and put her up on my Reclaimologist site for sale.  No sale, so I made her a fancy rosette for her hat ... maybe that will help.

Also, while getting my 'witch on' I redid my fingernails, since my new Jamberries hadn't come yet ... kind of funny, because they were there that night, when I got home ... alas, I'll sport the orange and black look until Halloween.

I worked again on Thursday, and Becca came by with Cafe Rio lunch as a thank you for a referral I had made ... I told her I was happy to do it, and she said she needs to reward me.  Yeah, Cafe Rio! Having her for a chat in the middle of her getting ready for her move was very nice!

 Also on Thursday, I had brought in some vintage letter flash cards to sell and thought they would make a fun pennant banner ... so using available goodies I put together a banner.
(I promise I also spent a lot of time helping customers too!)
 Here is the finished product that I hung when I got home.

 On Friday I went to the doll house festival with a couple of ladies from our We-Can group.  Carolyn, to the left is our leader, and KD to the right is a new member.  Can you see I missed the memo on what we were supposed to wear?

Here Carolyn and I try out a photo op!  After the festival and lunch with the girls, I headed to American Fork ...

 to help with the big move. .... here Gary and Dad move in Becca's washer.  I did some hauling, then got drafted to watch these two cute boys .... so it was grandma date three for the week.  We went to DI where I got to witness their choosing skills, then to Macey's for ice cream and crazy driving in the plastic car/cart there.
 Then they got to pick pumpkins!!

When we got back the second van load was emptied and we got to chat with all the mover peeps and have pizza!

Meanwhile back at the Texas ranch more grand kids were  'making' ... you know how we usually say we are 'baking'?  Well not Beckie, she is making ... (as in Emily says, lets make some cookies, lets make some muffins, etc, so Beckie, says, "Momma, can we Make!?"
On Saturday, Dad did misc chores.  He started on the garage, while waiting for Cheryl to have her shower, since she usually refuses her aid, if we are not there to make her shower.... arggg.

Then he ran errands, stopping by at Treasures where I was working, to help me out with down loading an app, in hopes of learning to down load books onto my phone, after all that they didn't have the book I needed. But I did put a hold on The Hundred Foot Journey. 

While at work, I got started on the cute snowmen heads above.  I am doing them for our Relief Society Super Saturday in November and needed my examples to show the ladies what they were signing on for.

Then Dad was off to the BYU football game with Davin, Bri, Trevor and Scott.  I finished up the snowman samples at home, and worked on my Relief Society lesson, which I was to teach the next day.

 On Sunday I gave my first RS lesson in the new combined ward, not my best, but it was OK.  Then when we got home Dad and I spent the afternoon making Mexican food, for our Mexi fest at Trevor and Nell's that night.

 We always love getting together with the kids, and it was super cool to see Ashley twice in the same week!  Yahoo!

 We had varied entertainment ... here we see Eva reading a short story she had written for us ... Later the all the big kids played "Name that Tune" etc... which they all seemed to enjoy very much.
But Becca and Brady missed the Mexi Fest because of this ... Becca was driving to Brady's folks house for their first dinner since the move. Brady was driving a second car, so he could go straight to work after dinner and Becca could bring the kids to Trevor and Nell's

.  Brady was hit by a woman running a stop sign, who clipped him on the back bumper and spun him and flipped him ... but amazingly he was undamaged, because he was wearing a seat belt.  The policeman told him he would definitely have died without the seat belt.  So we are all feeling very grateful right now.  Thankful for innovations like seat belts and grateful for a son-in-law who is smart enough to be obedient.  Yeah Brady.   

So that was our smash and crash week!!

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