Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Show Must Go On ... (The antique show that is)

 Yep, here we are with another varied week of work and fun.

It started with a walk with LaVern, first thing Monday, where I snapped this picture of cosmos and morning glory cohabiting, for some reason it just made me smile ... I love the mix of their leaves too, the heart shaped leaves belong to the morning glory, while the ferny leaves belong to the cosmos.
Later that morning I headed to Elk Ridge for my We Can ladies service work group and pot luck luncheon.  My project was making these tea light snowmen pins to be sold at the Mother's Without Boarders boutique in a few weeks.  Other ladies were working on other crafts for the boutique.

 That afternoon, Becca, was in town taking my friend Ginny around to look at houses, and stopped by afterwards, which was a very nice surprise.
 On Tuesday, while walking with Ginny, I snapped some pictures of my Stake President's wife's decorated porch ... I'm gathering porch decor pics to do a post sometime this month on my Pollyanna blog.  I mainly worked on projects for the 3Dotters Vintage show I was doing that Saturday, and was pretty happy with all I got done.  

Dad does his Temple shift that day, which always means I work on projects later, rather than lounging over books in our comfy chairs in the evening.

I worked on Wednesday, and gathered a few things at the antique mall to take to the sale.

At the end of the day, when I was leaving, I found that not only were the mountains beautiful and colorful for the season, but the sky was showing off as well.

 When working Thursday, I loaded up goodies to take to the show, and then took the time to make the invitations for my witches' party that will be later this month.

Even though Scott and I needed to load the van for the 3 Dotters sale that evening, we snuck out and went to a talk at the stake center by David Ridges on the signs of the times ... very interesting.  I've read one of his books, so it was fun to meet him.

Then Dad surprised me by taking my by the Payson Temple which has been lit on the outside, though the interior is not finished and won't be until some time next spring.

 I also worked on a couple of projects during the week like this Romantic Picnic Basket .... Just add Food and Love ... it was also for the sale of course.

 Then Friday morning I left early and picked up Ann Shumway in Salem and we drove to Hoytsville for the Vintage sale there.  I LOVE this sale, great stuff and great prices ... you may recall that I met one of Scott's second or third degree cousins there a few years back.  She's the main brain behind the goodies I love ... so even though it was set up day for 3 Dotters, I took an afternoon set up slot and loaded the old blue van for the sale ... then I went to this fun market and filled the white van ... sounds crazy, but just remember, it is my business.

Above is a picture of me with Debbie Donaldson, my next door neighbor growing up, whose grandmother had a historic house in Hoytsville, and who is the main reason I love old house and antiques .... Scott's cousin Kathy is in the red.  Good times!!
Debbie's mother was famous for her homemade goodies when we were growing up ... and now Debbie's little sister Jane holds the same position in Hoystville.  These apples and a whole tall multi shelf stand was full of goodies when the sale started ... most were gone when I left an hour and a half later.

 I got home and dropped Ann before grabbing a few more items and heading to Pleasant Grove in the blue van where the sale was being held in their Rec Center .... Dad was there waiting to help me with set up, and Trevor and Nell came along and added a few more things.  We finished in a record time of two hours and then ....

As per instruction by our modern day apostles, we went to see Meet the Mormons, which we loved.  I told Dad I don't remember needing to use my popcorn napkin to wipe away tears before ...

 Then Saturday morning, Dad drove me to  the vintage sale, and dropped me before heading over to Becca's new place to help with some dump haulage ... see it was perfect that I took the junker van, because after we set up, it was empty, and we prefer using it for dump runs when we have a choice ...

Of course sales like this are always fun for me ... I love running into friends.  Here we see me with Julie, who works at the antique mall with me.  She was actually working that day and came in with a early shopping ticket, so she could make it back to Treasures on time.

 This is me with Denise, a new friend.  A month or so ago we met for a moment at an estate sale when she was buying a set of dishes I was coveting.  We later realized, after she posted pictures of the dishes on line, that we are in the Reclaimologist group together ... this time she came by so we could meet for real!!

To the left is my good friend Patty, who is in both my book club and my We Can group, with her friend Laurie who is a dealer at Treasures with me.  Both lovely ladies, and again so fun to see each other.
This is just an interesting shot.  This dealer, who sells vintage clothing, is doing a training procedure to have an 18 inch waist, like Scarlet O'hara's .... I've started following her on Instagram, its just so interesting to me.

... and yes, I bought a little treasure for myself at the sale ... this witch's fascinater was adorable and affordable ... and every witch needs a new hat for a witches' tea, don't you think.  The gal I'm shown with is one of three sisters, who make amazing things.  The fascinater is from their booth.

The sale was a great success, and because Trevor came and helped us take down, (in under an hour!!) we were able to meet our friends the Broughs (from our Salt Lake ward) at dinner.  We get together twice a year now, so spending three hours in the restaurant may be expected.  Fortunately there were enough empty tables around us we didn't feel too guilty!

 This morning I started my day at the Mountain Air Assisted living facility.  It is the home that recently came into our stake, and therefore falls under our 12th branch, that was serving two other care facilities. As a result of this third home coming into the program, the Stake President called Dad to be the third counselor in the Branch Presidency.  Because two of the homes hold sacrament meeting at the same time, and because they need at least two members of the bishopric to preside, they needed a third counselor.  I of course went along to support him.

I kind of laughed when I looked over and saw Jill Chestnut, the branch president's wife, wearing essentially the same out fit I was ... I thought it called for a picture ... don't you?
Then when Dad went to the third home for its sacrament meeting, I snuck off to our new ward's Fast and Testimony meeting.  I thought it would be a great way to get to know some of my new ward family.

After church Dad and I went to the Stake Center so that he could be set apart as a counselor.  Then it was home for dinner with Cheryl, before a surprise visit from President Chestnut and his wife.  As it turns out they have a daughter on a mission in Korea, so its not hard to figure out what we talked about..

So that was our week, business enough to be pass quickly but slow enough to allow for special times with people we love!

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  1. How is she getting her waist so skinny? I want to hear more about that! Love hearing about your week, as always! Excited to hear about Scott's new calling! Love the temple! I didn't know it was lit! B