Monday, March 3, 2014

Brittney is Accepted to Grad School, and Other Lesser Stuff!!

 Another week behind us, not an especially busy one, but memorable just the same.

On Monday I painted these clear glass vases that had not been selling at the store, and put together this spring centerpiece.

I also did laundry, cleaned and mopped the main floor bathroom, and that kind of stuff.

On Tuesday I upholstered the top of this old piano stool and added the poms for our Reclaimologist sale the next day.

 I also slaved over a hot iron that day.  Dad had fixed up a display for hanging linens at the shop for me, so I knew I needed to take it into work with some linens.  This required getting out some stains, and ironing them.  In all I washed and ironed over 20 items, then, since I had the board out, and Dad was at the temple I ironed 2 dozen linen napkins of my own that had been sitting on the buffet in the family room for longer than I would like to disclose. 
While I was ironing and watching TV with Cheryl (Got to see an episode of Glee for the first time since I used to watch it with Sam and Emily), Spencer and Brit came in with their nieces, Brit's brother Spencer's kids.  Brit gave them a bath, and got them ready for bed.  We had a nice visit, which including some very nice piano playing by Brittney, and some fledgling tunes by her nieces.
On Wednesday night, the boys and their girls who had done the Hale Freezes Over 5K, got to go and see  Big River together, and I hear they had a great time!!

I, of course, worked on Wednesday, setting up the new linen display and hanging all the items I had prepared.  I also worked on Thursday, and then went to book club after work in Elk Ridge, which is always enjoyable. We had read a book named The Dressmaker, which was set on the Titantic, and during the aftermath.  It was pretty interesting, and I learned a lot.

 On Friday I decided to stay home from junking and spent time puttering.  I am really getting back into reclaiming my house.  During the time Grandpa was here, he was our focus, sort of a survival mode, and the house suffered.  I am now digging out, doing projects that I had put away.  This pitcher had been half painted in the family room for at least 10 months.  Yep, it was time to finish it.
That night Dad and I got to babysit for Davin and Bri.  Its really nice to get to know Adilyn and Elias better.  They are both pretty charming, and we were able to watch Austenland, on their bigger screen TV.  Davin and Bri got back from watching her brother Gab perform at a comedy club in Provo, and watched the end of the movie with us.  (Thanks for ordering it for me Britt!!) and Becca, you forgot to borrow it yesterday!

 I worked on Saturday, and Brittney and Spencer dropped by on their way to do a session at the temple, and told me that Brit has been accepted to the U's graduate program in Public Health.  We are so excited and proud of her.  They will likely move to Salt Lake sometime around the end of the year, Spencer will transfer schools and attend there as well.

Dad had the news before me, as he stayed home and cleaned up his side of our bedroom, including going through his millions of Books on CD and weeding them out.  He also surprised me by vacuuming upstairs.  Isn't he a keeper?

That night I got home just in time to jump into the Kews car and head to a movie.  We saw Monuments Men, which we liked, and then had Mexican food in town. 

On Sunday morning I finally finished reading Persuasion, the Jane Austen book that the girls in the family are reading for our bookclub.  Both Emily and Briahnna finished before me.  We are going to watch the movie together soon,

Then I got to teach Sunday School again, and I really love doing it.  There is so much to learn, and I am loving learning so much about the Old Testament prophets.  I think Abraham was amazing.  He lived in a world of idol worship and human sacrifice, in which even his father participated, but he knew there was something better and sought out the High Priest Melchezidik, who still honored his priesthood, and was taught and received the priesthood himself. Did you know that Noah was still living for at least the first 20 or so years of Abraham's life?  Abraham is 10 generations down from Noah, boy did they live a long time back in the day.

After church we went to visit Grandpa with Spencer and Brit.  Grandpa just loves Brit, and actually talks to her some.  We took him M and M's which he enjoys, and Dad had a wrestle with him to get his socks back on.  Grandpa was playing with one sock, and it was a sort of tug a war and strategy game to get him to let Dad put it back on.  Funny Grandpa, but this was a good day, a happy day, and it was pleasant to visit.

 That evening it was family dinner time.  I sent J. Scott off to take some pictures with my phone, and I loved this pair of 'tongue' photos he brought back!!

 Eva loved seeing her uncle Spencer being so silly ... and so did his wife.
Davin and Bri had come early, after also visiting Grandpa Carlo, and then left first, before I got a chance to have Dad take my all girl picture.  Now we will just have to do it again. Don't I have beautiful daughters?

So fun to have the kids come down, and visit.  I love their friendships with each other too.

So that was our week.  Nothing earth shaking, but its always great to get to spend time with the kids, and when Spencer and Brit move, that will be the end of kids in the basement apartment, which I will definitely miss.  Love you All!!

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  1. Congrats to Brit for making it into the Public health program! Exciting!

    I love that you are dong a Book Club with your girls! Is everyone doing it, even the Texan and Idahoan?

    I, too, have come to love and admire Abraham more and more since I have been studying about him. What an amazing example to us of obedience and goodness. The source I read said that Noah wasn't alive when Abraham was born.....send me your source! What I thought was amazing is that Shem (born before the flood) outlived the next eight or nine generations (all born after the flood).....I personally believe that Shem was Melchezidek...will have to find out in the next life if that is true!