Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Week With a Chocolate Center Piece!

 Another fun and full week at the Perkins house started with me hosting We Can Monday morning, the service activity was covering notebooks to make journals for the women's shelter, then we had a nice potluck lunch. 

That afternoon I painted and stenciled this old tray as my offering for our Reclaimologist group sale on Wednesday.

I also made refreshments, because we hosted our senior family home evening group that night.  The Ekins came for the first time ever, which was a very nice surprise.  Steve Kew taught the lesson and did a great job. 
On Tuesday I got to Salt Lake fairy early so I could get some junking in before meeting Arlene at the Jordan River temple for a session.  We had dinner at Zupa's and visited for a couple of hours too.  Dad of course was also at the temple, the Provo temple, doing his normal Tuesday shift.

 On Wednesday I worked a normal shift, before heading to Pleasant Grove to Babysit Trevor and Nell's and Becca and Brady's children.

As you can see Scott had scouts that night, so it was mainly the youngsters.
Here they are playing at being dogs.  They were great at fetching. 

I was babysitting because everyone else had gone to Becca's Real Estate Office's 'Death By Chocolate' event.  Since I am not eating sugar this year, that didn't sound like a good time to me, but watching these little grand people WAS a lot of fun!!

 Here are the chocolate revelers!!  I did miss hanging out with them, and look what a beauty Kim is growing into!!

 Thanks to Dad for taking lots and lots of pictures.  

This was the only picture I could find that had one of the three chocolate fountains in it, and I love the expression on Trevor's face.

I worked a normal Thursday and got home in time to  have dinner and a quiet evening with Dad.

Dad was off on both Thursday and Friday to keep from loosing vacation days that were about to expire.  He puttered around the house, hung the arrow I made a couple of weeks ago, and the wall hung ironing board I bought from Nell at flea.o.logy last fall.  The ironing board required him to move the light switch around the corner, which he did without a complaint! Isn't he the best!!

I was home Friday and got some projects done, before heading to Treasures to meet a friend who was borrowing my bed turned bench that I have for sale there, to use for a demonstration she was doing at the Home and Garden show in Salt Lake.  That, of course, led to an afternoon of junking, before getting home in time to go with Dad to meet the Heuers and Moes in American Fork.

We had dinner at the Olive Garden then went back to Heuers to play hand and foot, a game we have been into for the last several years.  Of course its always fun to get together and as a bonus Robin introduced me to the concept of brewed ground cocoa, with which I am now experimenting.  Thanks Robin! It looks like I am going to have to buy a coffee maker, which will seem sort of weird, but I love the brewed cocoa, and its full of antioxidants and low in calories ... so what can I say?

I was up early on Saturday to pick up Wendy, far right, to go to the Vintage Whites sale at the State Fair Grounds in Salt Lake.  We had an amazing time, LOVE THIS SALE! It's always like old home week, with a couple of dealers from flea.o.logy selling there, more dealers from Treasures, and others from the Reclaimologist group I belong to and more.  Its like a class reunion, and I love it, not to mention all the great vintage goodies that one can find for sale!!

 On the way home I did some grocery shopping, stopped at a shoe store and got some new shoes, picked stuff up at the dollar store, because it was by the shoe store, and then dropped off a check to Nell for the awesome flour sacks her mom had brought me (filled with flour) from Arizona.  I got to see the deck Trevor is almost finished with, and found out that Dad had spent his afternoon there working with Trevor, between the two Salt Lake inventories he was in charge of.

Dad and I both got home about the same time, and I  was able put together this spring display under glass that I had been working on for a few days, so I could do it or a blog post.   

Church was great, with a new couple speaking,  who have moved into the rambler across from the Yorks.  They are retired, a bit older than Dad and I, and will be a great asset to the ward. In fact she was put in as a Relief Society teacher today, and he was made part of the new High Priest Group leadership.

After church we met up with Becca et al, at the Park and Ride off Pioneer Crossing and followed them to this house in Saratoga Springs that they are thinking of making an offer on.  Its a great house and it will be interesting to see what they decide to do. 

On the way home we stopped to visit with Grandpa, and ran into Brittney and Spencer as they were leaving.  We stayed for about a half an hour, before heading home to start dinner.

That does it for our week, we hope yours was great as well!!  And if you didn't get chocolate, we are sorry to hear about it.  After all, even I got brewed cacao beans, right?

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