Monday, March 17, 2014

Pictures and Painting and Royal Grands

 So, this is our week.  Dad went to Logan Monday morning, where they are going a huge redo at the Macey's there, and spent the night.  I was happy when Brittney and Spencer came up and brought me a family wedding picture for the wedding wall, and an updated picture for the 'My Ten Kids' wall going down the stairs.

The rest of the day was spent doing household chores, and reading.  I finished reading my latest Ann Perry novel, either Monday or Tuesday, which made it easier to have Dad gone.

On Tuesday I got this project done, to be ready for the Reclaimologist Instagram event that was the next day.

I also painted the mantel marriage in our bedroom.  Dad put it together for me a couple of months ago, and the antique base part was still the dark wood, while the mantel shelf and top have old white paint.
On Wednesday, I worked, and did my Instagram post before heading out.  Wednesdays are usually not my favorite work days, but it went OK. It was the 105th anniversary of my father's birth, so I thought a lot about him, and how blessed I am to have had such an amazing father.

Thursday morning, Dad and I headed to Salt Lake to Primary Children's Hospital, where we participated in the KSL/Primary Children's Radiothon.  Above I am shown with Amanda and Grant, who do KSL's morning show, if fact, I usually wake up in the morning to their banter!

Trevor and Nell took Barb and Randy's places since they both had other commitments.  Of course Jeff and Robin were there too, which is always fun!

 Jeff brought his bobble heads of Greg Wrubell, and Doug Wright for fun, and I snapped this picture of the bobble heads with their live versions.

Good times ... then it was junking at the DI in Sugarhouse before heading to work for the last half of my shift.

 On Friday I had the self discipline to only go to the one garage sale that was here in town.  I actually found quite a lot of stuff, so that set the mood for a great day,

After that the day was dedicated to house cleaning.  I even cleaned my disgusting stove top, then did laundry and worked on emptying out my van and putting stuff away.

That night Dad brought home Subway for dinner and we watched a Red Box movie that was pretty dumb, because there was nothing in ANY of the theaters in Utah County that we wanted to see.

After the movie we went to Macey's and did some food storage shopping at their case lot!!  Yeah Dad!  Yeah me for having a dolly for my antiques business!!

As you can tell from the picture above Becca stopped in to visit with Grandpa Carlo that day, which we always appreciate.

 On Saturday Dad headed to Salt Lake to oversee an inventory at one of the stores there.  I got busy sorting projects for us to work on when he got home.

He stopped on the way home to see the slide that Trevor had installed on his new deck.  Pretty cool that!

Then Dad added a new top to an old toy chest, put new sides on the small cupboard I picked up at flea.o.logy in January.  Which I liked because it is small enough to fit between the two door frames in the kitchen, rather than overlapping like the old one with the green glass handles did.  The old one will go to the antique mall to find a new adoptive home.  Dad also cut wood for me to make an arrow,  and put new legs on the back of the dumb dresser we have been trying to make over/repair for more than a year!!

I spent the rest of the day painting the projects he put together, and there's more than enough to keep me busy this week as well.

Here is the little cupboard, see how much better it fits?  It has a little bit less storage than the old one, but it will just make me be more organized.
 That night we cleaned up and headed to the new Indian restaurant in town.  The food was great!! I learned to love Curry in Japan, and rarely get it. Yum, I need make curry again.  Yum!

On Sunday I ran into one of the ladies I visit teach at church, and stopped to give her a hug.  She has a grand granddaughter that Emily used to teach in young women's, and now Brittney is teaching her.  Kerri said she loves them both.  I know they are both extra ordinary teachers, and are much loved by the youth.

I also taught Sunday School, a lesson on Chastity, which I was not that excited about teaching, until I did some more praying and studying on Sunday morning, and in the end I loved the lesson!  Such amazing stories can be found in the old testiment, though they may not all be suitable for children, if you know what I mean.  But there is so much to learn from those stories, about the nature of mankind, and how to overcome the natural man.
 That night Spencer and Brittney hosted family dinner upstairs, which was lovely.   They made their amazing chicken - cornbread casserole, Spanish rice and Nell brought refried beans!

Davin and Bri brought brownies that Davin initially claimed to have made from scratch ... ummm, not .... but he did make them, so that's cool!

Everyone loved the meal as well as the visiting and sharing that goes on at these events.

 Somehow I missed getting pics of Spencer and Brit, mainly because they were first to leave ... although that is Brit's elbow in the picture above!
 Loved the little girls playing with the crown, Trevor put it on first, but refused to pose for me ... the anti poser.

 But Becca was game ....
 After we took the table cloth off the table Adilyn decided to practice her runway walking skills!  Uncle Trevor kept tipping the table to make a hill, so that was kind of fun to watch!

Somebody else looks like they are getting ready to walk the runway as well!

That was our week, hope yours was great!


  1. Kind of fun to be at the Radiothon in the morning so you can see Grant and Amanda! Glad you took pictures so I could experience it vicariously!

    I like the little cupboard!

    Your Grands are getting big!

    I like your wedding wall! I had started that downstairs and then we painted and I never put them back up!

    I have to teach that lesson this Sunday and I am feeling the same....guess I will pray and study and see if I can catch the Spirit of it!

  2. Clarification, I was in Logan moving gondolas into place in preparation for a major reset this week. We are changing the Fresh Market in Logan into a Macey's.