Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Week, and an Awesome Announcement.

 It was a pretty slow week, with a busy ending. Dad worked at the Macey's in Orem getting ready for the grand reopening, all week, including a half day on Saturday.

I spent Monday and Tuesday working on my craft room, finishing up organizational projects I had planned to do over a year and a half ago.  I feel like I am finally recovering from the disruption of Grandpa's prolonged visit.  Weird, eh?..

To the left you see me working on a project for the Reclaimologist Instasale on Instagram that I made Tuesday, the sale was on Wednesday.

 By Tuesday night I was done with my craft room.  A month ago this room was piled so high I could hardly use it, much less find supplies.  Yukko, so it felt great to finish it up, as I started moving it all up from my basement craft room three years ago.  Now I just need to work on my craft catalogue.

 I worked on Wednesday and Thursday, but Thursday morning I managed to finally get my Christmas Angel collection put away ... just in time for Valentines.  I then fitted our the window shelf, they had been inhabiting, with Valentine colors.
 On Friday I headed to Salt Lake to hit estate sales.  This one was on Harvard Avenue, the prettiest place of any Salt Lake neighborhoods, I loved it.  I bought a few things at both estate sales, and ran into lots of people I know, which is always fun.
 I got home in time to run Valentines I'd made and heart shaped chocolate to my 5 visiting teaching ladies... I also got some hugs, which is always sweet.

  Dad had told me to be ready around 5 for a surprise, and I just made it .... we headed to Thanksgiving Point, where Dad, with prompting from Randy, had bought tickets to the Theater's Valentines Celebration.  We had dinner, chocolate, games, flowers, popcorn, sodas and a movie, of course.  I didn't love the movie, it was a fantasy called Winter's Tale, and though it was historic with lovely houses and clothes, and beautiful actors, which I of course LOVED, the story dealt with Hollywood's version of demons and angels, and really felt like 'the wisdom of man', which was disturbing to me ...

On Saturday Dad was up early, off to the store in Orem by 6:00 A Yawn M., while I headed north as well, picking up my friend Wendy in Lehi, we drove to Ogden for some serous junking, including the Acorn Show, I used to sell at, the worst estate sale ever, and some second hand shopping.  We stopped on the way home in Salt Lake at the relatively new Salt Lake Vintage Flea Market, just west of the Freeway at 1300 so, really more of a store, with dealers taking their own money.  I found a few things, but nothing earth shaking.

To the left I am shown with John VanCott, a fellow dealer from Treasures, with his awesome authentic deep sea diving mask at the Acorn Show, Wendy poses below.

 When I got home Dad and I headed south to Tropic, Utah for Lindsey Ekins wedding reception.  We didn't realize how far it was, 3 and a half hours, nor that the reception was quite so early,  from 5-7.  Fortunately ....
 we did get there before the bride and groom left, but not in time to see the wedding dress ... (about 7:10)  We went to dinner there in town before heading home, where we arrived at 12:30 A.M., later for Dad than for me, but we got to listen to a book on tape that neither of us had read, so that was fun too.
Here is Whitney, Lindsey's oldest sister, and now sister-in-law too, as they are married to brothers.  

On Sunday I got to teach Gospel Doctrine, which is always fun.  Probably not my best lesson, but Dad said that its kind of hard to make the Abrahamic Covenant exciting, even though it is so important... but it wasn't for lack of trying.

 That night we hosted family dinner, but with Becca's family out of state for a real-estate convention, and Trevor's family slowed down by illness (Eleanor went to the emergency room and hospital for tests, as she has a bad rash and her feet are swelling.  They've done tests and are waiting for results) We had just 8 of us to dinner.  Davin and Bri, who had left their older kids home with the other grandma in charge, Spencer and Brittney, Darby, Dad, Cheryl and me.

It was kind of fun for me because I can only used my pearl handled silverware when we have a smaller group, and I love using my pearl handled silverware, just not as much as I love having lots and lots of my kids and grands here!!!

Darby came a bit early and caught a nap ... Spencer and Brit came early and looks at Spencer's scrap books...

... and Davin and Bri came at the perfect time ... we had a great conversation, and I think everyone enjoyed the 'pink' Valentines meal.
... and of course I enjoyed washing my pearl handled silverware, as Dad went to bed early, about 7:30P.M., since with the Grand Reopening this week, he's trying to build up his strength.

And Now for the Big Announcement that I forgot to include last week.  Last Sunday Sam was installed as the second councilor of the new Bishopric in their ward in San Antonio!!  We are so happy for them and for the ward that loves and appreciated them so much.  Congrats Sam and Emily on the opportunity to serve your Heavenly Father by serving his children.

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  1. Love your craft room! Looks so organized and interesting...makes me want to open every drawer!

    You described the movie perfectly. Thanks for putting my thoughts and feelings into words.

    Loved your pearl-handled silverware. Lovely! As you are!