Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Over Due Blog: A Week in Captions.

Mom talking to Emily on facetime on Monday ....

Mom's custom order through the reclaimologist group that pretty much took all of Tuesday.

Darby makes plans for Dad's birthday lunch at Milargos in Orem .... on Wednesday ...

 I make plans for his birthday dinner at home, with another couple in the ward who is just getting active again ... the husband, Chuck, shares Dad's birthday, so it was a double celebration.

We also invited the Kews and the Rodriguezs from the ward.

This is me with Nikki, on Thursday.  We work together every Thursday morning.

This is an activity for Relief Society after work on Thursday ... I made the banner ...
... and this crown ... Andrea is my visiting teaching partner and an award winning blogger ...

On Friday I spent the day junking and found three copies of my Mom's book at the DI in AF ... weirdly, I always check while junking and usually find about one book every third month.
This is our ward primary activity ... a pot luck and game night ... which obviously involved the whole ward.
Todd Ekins leads out in the 'kids say the darndest things' game, but if they don't Todd is always good for a laugh.

Here is Dad playing a trivia game with Riley Rodriguez, Ginny Taylor's husband, Larry and Shanna Weight, my former visiting teaching partner, Lindsay Anderson is the moderator.

 On Saturday Dad and a couple of the boys ran a 5K called 'Hale Freezes Over', to support Hale Center Theater, to which we always have season tickets in Orem.  I was at work that day.
 After the race, Dad and Trevor got to work on his deck ... they also took off an hour to help a new neighbor move in.

At church on Sunday, Brittney was teaching the lesson in Young Women's, so she missed McKenna's baby blessing ... but here she is with her great looking set up!  I bet the lesson was amazing.
 Here we all are at McKenna's party after her baby blessing ...

Hanna, Ben, Dad and McKenna hang out on the couch in the family room at Dave and Bri's.
 Rub a dub dub, three kids in a .... well, ... toy box ....
Bri's step dad, Rubert, her Mom,  Lisa, and her best friend from high school, Adrienne and her husband Chris hang out in the living room.

Becca practicing her Mommy hair care skills on Adilyn.
 And men in ties ... Trevor, Spencer, Dave and Dad.

Rubert evidently has 'baby whisperer' skills like Mike (Mitko) it was fun to watch ... but then he is a chiropractor, so you know he has skills of touch, right?
Reagan climbs stairs for the first time.

Trevor hogs other people's babies ... namely Adilyn and McKenna.

 On the way home from the party we stopped and visited with Dad, as he is just a few block from Dave and Bri's house ... as you can see, you should never follow his directions.

So that was our week, so sorry it was so late getting out.

PS A biggie that happened this week without photos ... we got two new councilors in our bishopric, Dave Stringham and Joe Weight.

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  1. !! So many cute pictures- Davin, are you trying to pull of a Macklemore hairdo???