Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrating Charlotte's First Birthday

 This is how the week before Valentines week went ... pretty much party, party, party ...

It started with me making valentines with my We Can group to be delivered to the nursing home that Dad is over as his assignment as a high councilman.

Then we had a lovely pot luck luncheon.

 That evening we went to party at Kews ... we had a couple come and speak at our FHE group who had served a mission on an island off of South America, very, very interesting ... to the right are more members of our group.

 On Tuesday I went to Salt Lake to meet my friend Arlene for a temple session at the Jordan River temple, then dinner at Zupa's ... of course I went up early enough to do some serious junking, including stopping at Vine Street antiques where I used the panorama setting on my phone's camera to take this shot ... thanks for showing me how to do it, Spencer.

Dad of course was hanging out at 'his' temple in Provo.

That night Dad gave me the cute robot on the left ... he had won it in a drawing at the 'Hale Freezes Over' 5K the week before ... it was made by the same gal that made the other two robots in this pictures.  She is not just a flea.o.logy dealer, she's a scenery painter for Hale Center Theater who sponsored the race... how cool is that?!
I worked on Wednesday and Thursday, getting a lot done in my booths, adding lots more small items in square glass containers to what I lovingly call my flea.o.logy flea bits booth ... I am loving how it is turning out!  Above is a picture I took of Keith, one of my co-workers, who borrowed my polka dot glasses to check out stuff on the computer ... 

At two on Thursday a coworker came into take over the rest of my shift and Dad and I left for Idaho, early enough to do some junking on the way ... we stopped at this place in Brigham City, that is housed in the old Intermountain Indian School buildings there.  The antique store was behind this store, and accessed through a walkway attaching it to the building that ran parallel behind it ... great stuff, but sky high prices, left me without a purchase to make.

When we got to Idaho around 9:00 P.M. we were met by this little walking machine.  She was so funny, she walked and walked and walked, just like those pioneer children did over a hundred years ago.  She kept it up all weekend, honing her new found skills!
She also got  reacquainted with her Perkins Grand Parents.

 Kai, had a lot of fun building pillow forts, and even slept in one, since the grandparents, including the Mitkos, had taken over the boys bedrooms.  Thanks Kai and Alex.
Friday evening it was time to set up for Charlotte's birthday party.  Britt had seen these ideas on pinterst, and Edi and I got to make it happen, along with the help of Britt's tall father to put the balloons in place!!

 This is the darling outfit Britt found on Etsy.  Sorry the pic is so blurry, I took several and this is the best that showed her outfit ...

 Then it was cake time ....

 She was a very delicate cake eater, quite a bit like Reagan was a few weeks ago ...

 The next day it was up early and off to Kai's swim meet... you can see him in the picture above winning this heat at Idaho State College. He won both of his single races that day.

After seeing his  first two races, Tom and Edi headed home and Dad and I headed out to spend the day junking.  

 Britt called me about lunch time to come and go to lunch at this fun tea room with her, while Dad watched the boys and Charlotte ... it was pretty fun, the place was great.

 As you can tell I instagrammed a picture.  Dad and I did some more junking afterwards, then when we got back, we had super yummy leftovers from the birthday party pasta bar, before watching Austenland with Brittany, for her first time, which made it fun.

The next morning Britt and Mike took the kids and headed to the second day of Kai's swim meet, while Dad and I went to church before heading home ... after we got home, I saw this cute post on instagram, and thought I would share it with you all.

So that was our week, so much fun all packed into one week, now I am ready for a long winter's nap ... hope you week was amazing too!!

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  1. That pic of Charlie asleep on grandpa is about the cutest thing I have ever seen~~~~!!!