Monday, October 7, 2013

Grandpa's New Home

 Its been a strange week, with lots of changes and happenings.  It started with Dad and I going to visit the nursing home we had finally found in Spanish Fork ... We loved it and made arrangements right there, with the head nurse, a man that Dad used to work with in Orem, when he was a store director.
 On Tuesday I hurried and finished up my craft projects for the Reclaimologist group's Insta-sale on Instagram ... that was to be the next day. 

Then I headed for Salt Lake, stopping at Grandpa's house and picking up the old pine dresser he had used for many, many years ... at least 40.  James, one of Uncle Kelly's room mates helped me empty out some of a third room mate's things from it.  The nursing home had us bring a bed and dresser for Grandpa's use.  I thought that was interesting.
That night, because we left grandpa at Trevor and Nell's for the evening,  Dad was able to do his session at the temple and I got to go to the Salt Lake temple to be with Jake as he went through the temple for his first time.  I missed dinner afterwards, Crown Burger, boo hoo, because I had to get to Trevor's and Nell's before 9:00 which is sort of the witching hour for Grandpa, cause if he gets too tired, there is NO getting him off the couch, after that, unless you happen to be magical Dad!

 On Wednesday at work, I got to list my Instagram items for sale for our big Reclaim-ologists first time Intsa-sale! To the right is one of the composition pictures I used to sell, in this case, my latest homemade paper mache mannequin... I also sold some Halloween Letters, and two of the three partiers shown with the mannequin ... a great event for me!

After work I ran to DI to get a new mattress for Grandpa's big move in  the next day.
On Thursday, after work, Dad and I threw Grandpa's stuff together and headed for Hearthstone Manor in Spanish Fork, where we established Grandpa in his new home.  While we were moving in his furniture and setting up his room, he sat on the sofa in the common room, and fell asleep.  When we awoke him to meet the administrator of the home, he was cheerful and happy ... and then we walked away ... a bit teary to be honest, but we were confident we were doing the right thing for us all.



 On Friday morning I was up early heading to Salt Lake, because I knew I had to drive to Highland to deliver that mannequin that afternoon, and figured I should get the biggest bang for my gas buck by junquing in Salt Lake that morning.  I ran across this pair of original 1950's Minnie and Mickey who were priced at a mere $750 each ... ouch!

I did find some goodies for the shop before heading back south and meeting the lady who had bought the mannequin.

That night, when Dad got off work, he worked on the rewiring of the main floor, finishing up the lights and plugs in the bathroom .... now he just needs to do the same in the kitchen, dining room and parlor ... Dad is awesome.
On Saturday Dad was off to Payson Cottage to work on the installation of the tub and tile surround so we can get our new tenants in. 
 I, meanwhile, hit a special sale for one of our flea.o.logy dealers who is down sizing, then headed to Salt Lake again to support another dealer who was hosting a sale at the Up House ... a house built to the specks of the house in the movie Up.  It was a ton of fun ...

 On the way home I stopped and changed out the display I am in charge of in the North Treasures Mall ... I thought it turned out pretty bright and fun!!

 That evening I met my girls and grands at the Pizza Pie Café in Orem to celebrate Nell's birthday. It was fun to have Brittany in town ... and I know the cousins had fun hanging out with each other.

Happy Birthday Nell!

They guys, meanwhile, attended the priesthood session of General Conference in Payson, and then went to dinner at Los Amigos.

Then the some of the girls and munchkins drove to Spanish to see Davin and Bri's new house ...
Here is Elias in their family room.
... and Kim in their Juliette window, overlooking their kitchen.

 On Sunday, between sessions of conference, Dad and I ran over to visit with Grandpa. (Dad had also visited him on Saturday) ... Britt and her kids, and then Becca and Brady and theirs, all came and it was great to see Grandpa in such great spirits.

When we got home, Spencer and Brittney came up and said they wanted to go and visit him too.  So here they are with the brochure for the place, and a pass key.  

We are setting up a visiting schedule to spread out Grandpa's visits, hoping he can see a familiar face every day.  There is a visiting book to sign and add pictures of visits to.  Dad and I are waiting for the schedule to fill up, then we will take the left over days ... but here it is so far:

Sundays: Spencer and Brittney, Trevor and Nell
Mondays: Davin and Briahnna
Wednesdays: Becca and Brady

The address of the place is: 1424 South 1700 East in Spanish Fork.

During the conference sessions, I kept busy making invitations for my witch's party to be held later this month. 

... and then Dad went to Stake Choir practice ... and when he got home we went over to Kews for dinner ... of course everything is always yummy at Terry's table.
The End














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