Sunday, October 13, 2013

Visiting Grandpa and Some Other Stuff like Kylie's Call!

 Yep, another week has gone by ... and here is how we, fairly quietly, spent it.
On Monday we had We Can, the gal to the right is a member, and shows off the twisted pipe cleaners we did has part of the picks we are making for our Festival of Trees tree that goes up next month.
Below is a sign that Lynn, our hostess has on her wall ... I like it, don't you?

On Tuesday, Darby took Grandpa to lunch, on her first day to visit him.  Isn't it fun they got to have an outing?

 While on Tuesday I was home blogging, crafting, finishing my witch party invites, doing laundry and hanging it out on the line, doing dishes by hand as the dishwasher power isn't restored yet .. painting stuff for our  Reclaimologist Boutique which is coming up in two weeks, and basically being a homemaker type.
Dad,  of course, came home to change before heading to the temple in Provo for his Veil Coordinator shift.

I worked on Wednesday and Thursday, and had Ben drop by on Thursday for a visit.  Here he is posing in front of my 'manly booth'.  Doesn't he look manly?
 Meanwhile, Becca, who was watching Trevor and Nell's kids while they headed to a wedding of one of Nell's high school friends, took the whole gang to see Grandpa, and decided to take them all for a 'turn about the neighborhood.'  Lucky grandpa!!
On Friday I did some junking around Utah county, then spent the afternoon spiffing up my piano for Halloween, and for a blog post, of course.
Scott got off work around noon, and used the rest of the day to get the power run to the fixture in the dining room!  He is absolutely my hero!!
He even quit in time to take me to dinner at Café Rio ... does it get better than that?
 On Saturday Dad was off for his long run, over 6 miles, and stopped off to visit the Payson Temple and see it with the Angel Moroni in place!!

I did a bit more junking in Payson and Spanish Fork, and stopped by to check on our Grandpa Man ...  Since he was also wearing orange and black, I thought we ought to have our portrait taken together. The nurses aid's name is Rachel and she lives over by Hillman Field here in Payson.  She's been working for three months, and says she loves the lock down wing, because the residents are so sweet, and if they yell and swear at her, she knows they don't mean it ... Oh yes, she has tried to shower Grandpa. LOL
Meanwhile, back at the ranches, our Jack of all trades, Dad got the tile surround grouting done on the tub at Payson cottage .... then he proceeded to lay the floor, except two tiles, as he was short.
He headed off to the BYU game, which he enjoyed with Davin and Bri, then stopped on his way home for a case of tile ... Yeah Dad!!
And while he was at the game, I was on the computer planning my menu for the witches' tea which is coming up, when Barb called and hooked me up to listen to Kylie read her mission call!! Yep, Barb and Randy will have THREE missionaries out at the same time ... Kylie got her call to Australia, Chinese speaking ... she leaves on March 5th, and the fun thing is that if Brittney is still teaching Chinese at the MTC here in Provo by then, Kylie will get to have her for a teacher ... what a small, small world.

Today at Church, Dad got to hold a rock and talk about the weight of being in debt ... Denise Ekins always does a great job on her lessons, and they are a joy to attend.
After church, I took a nap, while Dad went to his second set of meetings.  Then we worked on dinner together, and ate, before he headed to stake choir practice.  When he gets home we will head over to visit Grandpa, since both sets of peeps who have Sunday are out of town ... what are the chances?

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  1. Dumbledore actually has quite a few great quotes! I love that she has one on her wall! Ben always Looks manly! How cool that Scott got to see the Angel Moroni go up on top. We got to see the plans for the Payson Temple. It is a beautiful temple--so big and tall! Lucky you! I love that Grandpa is in so many of the pictures! I am teaching that lesson with the rocks next Sunday! Thanks for the picture! I totally understand the weight of those rocks!