Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Witches' Have Tea ... and Christmas Names are Drawn.

 On Monday I was off ... working on my tea party details that is ... a little house cleaning, a little party planning, a bit of decorating ... you know the drill.

On Tuesday, while walking with Ginny, I stopped and took a picture of Raelene DeWitt's Hawthorn tree all full of berries ... and so pretty ...

Then I ran to Kaysville to get my newly upholstered couch from my friend Arlene!  Of course lunch was included, at Zupa's, my second favorite lunch place ... with some serious DI junking coming and going, and it all added up to my perfect day!
I stopped at Trevor and Nell's on the way home, as I was borrowing mugs for my Witches' tea, and snapped some pictures of her, as always, cute holiday décor ... I then used those pictures to knock out my blog that night ... yawn!

 On Wednesday, while I was at work, Ashley stopped to get the keys to Payson Cottage, as she was picking up the couches she and Andy bought from Emily and Sam ... she also brought me some furniture pieces that I was buying to rehab for my upcoming show!  It was great to see her and we got a bit of a chance to visit.
Ashley and Andy dropped by after I got home from work to bring the furniture, and Darby came by to help.  Here she is shown with Aunt Cheryl ... I just wish I had pics of Ashley and Andy moving the furniture ... I can't wait to see their redone house, they are working so hard on it! 

 Thursday morning, before work, I swept off the front porch and walk ... which was covered in branches from Ben's tree work, and hung my Dead and Breakfast sign in anticipation of my upcoming witches tea.

Then it was off to work .... doing a couple of projects for my upcoming Reclaimologist Boutique in Spanish.  After work I stopped and did my shopping for the tea ... which was ... yikes... the next day ... and I still had soooo much to do.

 Friday morning and the table is set ....

 The creepy witchy food is prepared ... deviled spider eggs, bug infested chicken puffs, and eyeballs too..

 Above are the witches from my ward ... Ginny is my walking partner, Raelene is my former walking partner and Andrea is my visiting teaching partner ... all girls that are a lot of fun... The rest of the guest list was made up of flea.o.logists and antique mall shoppers.  Nell came along to mingle with the flea.o.logists and generally to show her support of my witchy world.
This is Angie, one of our flea.o.logy dealers, leaving with her completed craft ... pretty cute eh?

 So what's a witch to do after the party is over?  ... well in this case she got her favorite Wizard to take her to the movie about the missionaries who were kidnapped back in the 90's ... which we both loved ... then she got him to take her for some serious chilling at Maui Chill .... yummmm
On Saturday I focused on finishing up projects for the Reclaimologist Boutique this coming weekend ....

While Dad finished up the tile work at the Payson Cottage, and fixed the leak in the new tub!  YIKES!

 On Sunday we attended meetings, and Dad got to do his High Council talk for this month, with the Stake President in attendance, which made him not one bit nervous, so he says.

When he got home from his second set of meetings, we all piled in the car with Spencer and Brittney and stopped to visit Grandpa on our way to Darby's house for family dinner.

Brittney gave grandpa a lemon bar, which he loved, then later, when the inmates were having dinner, she played the piano for a while, which they all seemed to enjoy.  Our favorite other tenant, Bill, came over and sat by us and was singing along with the hymns ... so fun.

 Darby provided pizza for everyone, while her siblings filled out the menu ... everyone had fun, though the 3 year olds got frisky at one point and need hushing, its just too fun to get together with cousins!

Oh no, I don't want to go home ... save me Aunt Brittney ...

... and while we were partying in Utah, the Talley's were celebrating Sam's birthday in Texas ... thank goodness Sam had Beckie to help him blow out the candles ...

Of course, with Brittany's prompting from Idaho, we did the Christmas drawings and here are the results.

Kim has Charlie, Ian has Elias, Zach has Alex, Kai has Zach, Alex has Titan, Charlie as Eleanor, Scott has Kim, Eva has Ian, Eleanor has Kai, Elias has Scott, Beckie has Eva, and Titan has Beckie.

Also, Brittany M. has Spencer, Mike has Andy, Ashley has Emily, Andy has Darby, Darby has Brady, Trevor has Ashley, Nell has Brittany M., Ben has Briahnna, Davin has Sam, Briahnna has Nell, Emily has Brittney P., Sam has Mike, Becca has Davin, Brady has Trevor, Spencer has Becca and Brittney P. has Ben.

and that's all folks ... love you all!  BTW family dinner in two weeks is at Davin and Bri's new house!

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  1. So glad to see the pictures of the witch party that I missed! The food was very creative and clever! Love the "witch" picture at Maui Chill! Very artsy and fun! Love seeing all your family! Especially the Texans! Kelsey wanted us to draw names today. We didn't get it done--:( I have never seen a toilet in a bathtub.