Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Witches and Giraffes and a Birthday ... oh my!

This was a crazy week. I worked on Monday, which made it a tough week since I had a show on Saturday ... Sunday night Dad commented that I had worked 6 of the previous 7 days ... yes it was a crazy week. The hardest thing for me was that Britt and Mike were in town moving the things out of their Salt Lake house as it had sold, and I missed seeing them.  Dad had a chance to get up there and help on Monday, but I didn't  get a chance to see them before they left, alas.

Tuesday was my only day to get ready for the antique show, and I worked hard all day doing that.  That evening, Dad brought Grandpa home from Nell's house before going to the temple, then Grandpa got to go with me to Titan's 2nd birthday celebration in Highland at Becca and Brady's.  Here we see Titan opening his gift from me and Dad.

It was really fun to see Becca and Brady's hard work in the redecoration of Titan's room.  Here he is with his cousins on both sides in his play loft ... the whole room was so cute.

It was a Cars theme party, and Becca did a great job working that into the food and decor and even the favors as shown by Scott below.

We even got to meet Spencer's girl friend, Brittney.  She served her mission in BC at the same time Spencer did, and they got reaquainted at conference time at their missionary reunion.  We just hope that we didn't  overwhelm her.

I worked on Wednesday and got to wear my witch costume, which was fun.  After worked I went straight to our ward's trunk or treat where I met up with Grandpa and Dad.  We were pleasantly surprised there to have Davin and Bri and their children come also.  Of course Emily and Sam were there with their baby, which we always love.

The main excitement came when I was trying to take a family picture of Davin's family, and grandpa disappeared ...  fortunately because its cold he just climbed into an unlocked car, again.  So that Brother Smith came over to where Dad was giving out candy at our 'trunk'  and said, "Errr, brother Perkins, your father is sitting in my car and its kind of freaking out my kids."  LOL  well it was Halloween, you are supposed to get a little freaked out, right?
Thursday was another work day, and since Dad had taken the seats out of the van the night before (bless his cotton socks) I was able to load up at the shop. When I got home we had movie torture for Cheryl definitely and maybe for Dad too, when we watched 10 Little Indians, an old movie based on an Agatha Christie book. After that Dad helped me finish loading the van with the stuff I'd been packing and saving for the last three months.

 Friday morning I was off at 7:00 A.M. to set up for the show, which took all day.  Saturday I was off to Ogden again and had a rather good show.  Aunt Joyce came by so we got to visit a bit, which is always fun!!  Dad spent the day clearing the garden boxes and mowing (read that vacuuming up leaves) the lawn, and generally getting things put away for winter!
On Sunday, Dad was on his own, as I was at the show again, so he stayed home from his meetings with the other ward, and took Grandpa to Fast and Testimony meeting.  Then he had double duty with Beckie and Grandpa during Sunday School, yeah Dad!!
I finished up the sale, loading up everything on my own, and doing all the hauling and organizing the van too, with the exception of having Bruce help me carry the two banquet tables I brought from home.  Dad usually surprises me by coming and helping with take down, but he was busy with Grandpa instead.  It was super nice though, because when I got home he had a nice pot roast dinner all ready for me.  Yummy!!
Did I mention that Dad is the most supportive and non-complaining man I know?  How lucky am I to have him not only for this life but for all eternity.  I am so grateful for the blessings of the temple and the fact that we are all sealed together as a family.  The older I get the more I realize how important the sealing powers are, and how happy we can all be together in the eternities. I love you guys.

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