Monday, November 12, 2012

Voting, A Day Trip, and Our Christmas Name Drawing.

On Monday of this week I got to work, to make up for a trade I had made last month.  Dad picked up grandpa from Nell's and beat me home, where we had a quick dinner before heading over to the Kew's house for our Family Home Evening group.
 On Tuesday Dad took off early to vote, arriving a half an hour  before the poles opened, so that he had finished by the time I got there at 10 after 7 with my walking partner.  She and I waited in line for a bit more than an hour to vote.  I spent most of the day listening to election coverage, some in the family room with Aunt Cheryl and some in my room.  Dad brought grandpa home from Nell's and headed off to the temple.
On Wednesday I went to the temple first thing with LaVern, on our normal second walking day.  Then I was off to a normal day of work, as was Dad, leaving Grandpa home with Emily and Beckie.
Thursday I worked again, and took it easy with a book that evening, along with Dad.
On Friday I went with Dad to Cedar City and St. George, as he had some deliveries to make.  We made a day of it, adding lunch at Cafe  Rio, a stop at an antique store, and some time for me in the St. George DI while he did his delivery, etc.

We kind of kicked around waiting to be in Cedar City at 6:30, when Dad's cousin Patrick's wife would be touting her book at a book store there.  They were both surprised to see us, but it was fun to listen to Luisa as she shared info about her book.  Another local author came by and did the same, so it was a lot of fun.  I am shown here with both authors, Luisa is to the left.  Dad is shown above with his cousin Patrick as they had a chance to catch up as well.

On Saturday your crazy Dad ran out in the snow, but only for 6 miles, thank goodness.  Later he went to Orem to winterize the renters' swamp cooler and drain the outside plumbing before helping Andy take a load of stuff to the dump.  We both did some house keeping to get the house ready for the semi monthly family dinner the next day.  That night we met up with our friends Steve and Wendy Coltrin and went to see Wickeder at the Desert Star Play House.  It snowed a lot while we were in the play and we worried about the ride home, but the weather cleared by 106th south, so we went for Mexican in Lehi, near their home there.

Then after church on Sunday, we gathered a few of our children and/or their spouses for family dinner.  We had promised some of you English dinner, which is the menu we brought back with us from picking up Trevor in England.  It includes lots of crisp steamed veggies, a pot roast and roasted potatoes.  However, Dad is so into his potato routine that once her had the potatoes cubed and cooked and ready to roast, is started mashing them ... ooops ... they were delicious anyway/  Yeah Dad.

Darby shared pictures of the condo that she is hoping to own soon.  Its exciting to share getting a new home experience with her.  We can hardly wait to see her installed.
It was also fun to have Emily and Becca show off their preggers selves, we just wish Brittany had been here for the picture too!!
Well that was it for our week, pretty mundane as weeks go, eh?
I am including the names we drew for Christmas gifts so that everyone will have a reference at hand:
Adult Children and Spouses' Drawing - $20
Britt - Janelle
Mike - Brady
Ashley - Spencer
Andy - Brittany
Darby -Ben
Trevor -Briahnna
Nell - Davin
Ben -Becca
Davin -Mike
Bri - Ashley
Emily - Darby
Sam -Trevor
Becca - Sam
Brady -Emily
Spencer -Andy
Grandkids' Drawing - $5
Kai  - Titan
Alex - Eleanor
Kim -Eva
Ian -Kai
Zach - Alex
Scott - Kim
Eva - Beckie
Eleanor - Zach
Elias - Ian
Beckie - Scott
Titian - Elias

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