Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Girl that Turned into A Boy, Thanksgiving end other events!

Last week I ended up with just two pictures and had to scrounge to get 2 more, this week that was not a problem ... picture one is of LaVern Crump's Thanksgiving mantel ... we walked Monday, as usual.
 After walking I headed to work where I got my silverware polished for Thanksgiving.

Pictures two and three are of the four girls going to Emily's ultrasound to find out the fifth girl we thought had gone along with us was actually a boy!!  (I am shown with Beckie and Sheila, Sam's mother above)

Picture four is of the cemetery, where Ginny and I often walk ... these three matching stones are of the family that built our house ... Ginny, whose husband is a former bishop and I met up with three other women we know, including Denise Ekins, all three of them are the wives of former bishops too. Guess Wives of former Bishops like hanging out at the cemetery.

Picture five was taken on Wednesday, I worked, as usual, and finished up doing this part of this booth as a 'Tea Things' booth.  I love to 'tea' party, and hope others do as well.
 Also while at work I ironed all my napkins for Thanksgiving dinner.

Picture 6 was taken late that night, in fact early the next morning as I set the table for Thanksgiving, and took pictures so I could blog about it, featuring my homemade napkin rings.

Pictures 7 through 11 were taken at our off year Thanksgiving feast.  We had the seven people who live in the house, plus Becca, Brady and Titan, and Darby and Ben.

Pictures 12 and 13 were taken at Trevor and Nell's when we all joined for Pie.  Of course that was only after Dad, Emily, Darby, Becca, Ben and I went to see Breaking Dawn part 2 ... guess I forgot to take a picture of that event.

 Pictures 14 and 15 were taken while Emily and I went out to do a little late night 'Black Friday' shopping.  Here she is in line at Best Buy, about 300 back, and no, we didn't get the goodies for which we stood in line ... below is a picture of Emily with Gabe, Briahnna's brother who we ran into later that night.
Picture 16 is taken of Dad talking to Spencer on the phone on Friday morning finding out about how Spencer meeting Brittney's parents went when he went there for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Talking and texting with his  kids is one of Dad's very favorite things to do.

Pictures 17 and 18 were taken at Dear Lizzie where I met up with my friend Stacy for their 'pink' Friday sale.  The mannequin above is the one the owner bought from me at Treasures several years ago.  It was my first homemade paper mache mannequin ever.  Its kind of fun to get to see her in different incarnations.  I like the birdbath to the right ... in fact I am thinking of doing this for Christmas this year, since I have the pink ornies AND the old birdbath ... bet you can't wait to see.  After an hour of so at Dear Lizzies we headed down to the Star Mill in Amreican Fork , it will be closing the end of the year, so we wanted to check out the bargains there. 

Pictures of 19 and 20 represent the fact that Dad was babysitting Titan when I got home from work on Saturday.  He had spent the day getting my tree reinforced for festival of trees, thankfully, set up is tomorrow!  Titan was just as cute as could be ... and we both had a ball playing with him.

Picture 21 shows the goodies I finished up and gathered getting ready for Festival of Trees tomorrow  ... its late and I am tired.  Grandpa Carlo was ornery getting to bed, (Thanks Emily and Sam!) and I am just hoping he wakes up happy and is cooperative, as there is so much to be done.
Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.  We love you all!

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  1. I want to see your Tree when it is done! Is Festival of Trees this entire week? Glad Emily had another ultrasound to clarify things! Hope nobody had purchased girl stuff yet!