Monday, December 3, 2012

On a Monday We Gave Our Gift of Love ...

So this is how our week went:
 On a Monday We gave our gift of Love! (I spent the day decorating our family's donation of a tree, decorating with the help of the We Can ladies shown here, to Festival of Trees.  Scott worked in St. George doing a reset then spent the night there.)
This wreath was my Tuesday project for my blog.

On a Tuesday Elle gave great gramps a hug ... (Dad was still out of town so I delivered Grandpa to Nell for the day ... sweet Eleanor ran to him and gave him a hug!!  I did some junking before picking him up that afternoon.  Dad got home from St. George in time to go straight to his shift at the temple.)

For my Wednesday blog, I made a happy Christmas craft girl and placed her under my antique dome ... Here Emily is shown helping me manipulate the light to avoid too much reflection on the glass dome.

and on a Wednesday we hung out just to chat .... (Of course I also went to work that day and a did a Christmas display at the other Treasures, next door, as our Christmas open house was to be Saturday.)

On a Thursday we found a baby in a bag.
(Emily came in and said "Hey Mom look what someone left in a basket on the porch!"  LOL I also went to work that day and put up the Christmas tree at the store where I work, again in anticipation of the open house.  After work I went to visit a friend of Briahnna's who has some antiques she needs to sell.  Her name is Libby, which is my favorite variation on Elizabeth, and she was just charming.  So fun to meet her, and to get to spend some time with Bri and Adilyn.

On a Friday we found a fam'ly with funny faces
(I also worked on decorating our tree in the parlor, as well as doing a display of hats on top of the computer desk, as they had been scattered here and there, and the space on the computer desk was being wasted!  Now that Dad sees them all assembled he says I have too many ... hmmm .. This was all before Dad and I met up with the Kews to attend the Festival of Trees where we had a few minutes with Trevor et al. )

On a Saturday a cute face with donut glazes ...
 (Davin and Bri came to help Dad and I clean out the garage so we can park one car in there to allow us to all park off the street, which is illegal come December ... whoa, December 1st, made compliance just in time.  Bri also brought donuts and OJ for breakfast ... can you tell?)
(I love this picture of Adilyn in her hand me down hat, the one I bought her brother two years ago ... how time flies!

We finished off our Saturday at Aunt Cheryl's, under Becca's direction, getting things sorted for DI and to save in the limited storage space available.  Becca is preparing to get the condo rented, which is really necessary for Aunt Cheryl's financial situation.  G Grandpa even does a bit of baby sitting to help out .... sort of  ...

... and here are some more helpers, Titan and his Dad carrying boxes.)

 And on a Sunday we found the power divine just to let our little lights shine!! (While watching the First Presidency devotional, then having a soup bar also at Trevor and Nell's house
Here Eva and Brittney spend some bonding time while watching the devotional ...

and Adilyn shows off her sitting skills at 5 months ...

and Eva and Great Grandpa share an artistic moment!


  1. We didn't make it to Festival Of Trees. Was your tree in honor of someone? I like the bright colors!
    Bri and Davin sure make beautiful babies!
    I love the picture of little Becky loungin' by mom!


  2. Paula did the tree for a gal who passed away last spring from cancer who was in her service group. It was titled 'Judy Gets Her Wings'

  3. Paula did the tree for a gal who passed away last spring from cancer who was in her service group. It was titled 'Judy Gets Her Wings'

  4. Adilyn is actually still only 4 months for a few more days :) She is sitting a full month earlier than her brother did.