Sunday, December 23, 2012

An Ugly Sweater, a Luncheon, a Duece and a half Wrapping it all up..

On Monday Dad had a party at work, an ugly sweater party ... and he wanted to wear my favorite (and only surviving Christmas sweater, the one his mother gave me.)  What is that about.  Unfortunately Tonya wore the same sweater so those that thought it was an ugly sweater split the vote ....

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, someone was busy slaving over a stack of hot presents that needed wrapping ...   I also finished up the Christmas cards, got them mailed and picked up a few more gifts, which I then wrapped.

On Tuesday I spent the day getting ready for my luncheon with my book club on Wednesday.   Davin and Bri came by in the evening with the Deuce ... even Aunt Cheryl thinks he's nuts ... but when they tell you why they got it, it makes sense.  I finished up my long day setting the table for the party and taking pictures of it, and then, yawn ... blogging about the place cards .... yeah that happens a lot. 
 Then Wednesday morning Emily was sweet enough to think of getting the ice and snow off the walks so the book club ladies would dare risk walking to the house.
Beckie obliged by wearing the colors of my luncheon table, pretty cute eh?

 Another lady chose the roast recipe, which required a meat thermometer and a crust ... whoa, a first for me on both counts.  Ann Shumway, shown center left, got home from her half year sabbatical in Australia and New Zealand (Her husband is a professor at BYU) ... it was so fun to hear all the wonderful stories she had to share.  That is the day that Grandpa refused to wear his glasses, we later found that one of the nose pieces had broken off, leaving a metal shard ... ouch.

I worked on Thursday, as usual ... then came home and crashed. Dad who had been working in Tooele all week, ran down to St. George to get a shelf count on Thursday, stopping to bring my squeekie cheese on his way home. (my hero)   On Friday I finished up a couple of projects for the Christmas basket for Trevor and Nell ... The spell book is for Scott, the craft kit is for Nell. 

I worked Saturday and Dad stayed home to make another batch of dust to cover my wood floor in the kitchen ... OK, he also managed to get some green board up in the bathroom, tear out some trim from a closet upstairs to retrim the door in the main floor bath, as well as assorted other bit projects that took way longer than they should have.
 When I got home from work, he suggested we watch Love Actually ... which of course I love.  It wasn't until I put my feet up that I noticed the socks I had been wearing all day did not match .... silly me.

Since Spencer's Brit is back in NYC he decided to spend the weekend with us and go to church.  It was great to have him, and we had some great meetings.  I had prayed the night before to be able to feel the spirit and I was amazed how the Lord healed my heart, from that one request.  A woman in the ward who has disliked me for years, was standing in the hall, I made a complimentary comment to her, and felt compelled to give her a hug.  Now I am not really a hugger, but at that moment I felt such a rush of love for her, that I knew it was the spirit telling me to just love her and not worry how she feels about me.  It was very cool. And I just have to say, she was quite surprised.
After church Trevor and Nell stopped by on their way to Arizona to pick up their gift basket and drop off their exchange gifts.  It was great to see them for just a minute, though we will definitely miss them on Christmas eve and day. Emily and Sam agreed to join us for dinner, and even managed to talk Ben into coming down.  We were 8 at table, plus Beckie ... pretty good for an off week.  After dinner Spencer got up and cleared the table then did the dishes, what a nice treat for me and Dad. 
 So then we were able to run our neighbor goodies around, after which  all the young adults played games. Oh, and Sam wanted to build a fire too, which turned out to be quite smokey, but still fun. Beckie was quite interested in it as well, as you can imagine.

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