Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Witches Everywhere and Grandkids too!!


This week was a lot like every week.  Scott's off working while I am getting ready for a party!!  So Monday, I did the important task of transforming commercial orange soda into PARTY pumpkin soda ... my annual Witches Party was to be Friday and I spent much of the week preparing in one way or another.

On Tuesday I decorated the garden house for Halloween, mainly because that made for an easy blog post, but also so that you all could go there and feel festive!!    I also spent a lot of the day cleaning house, bathrooms, the fridge, you know the gross stuff.  Cheryl asked if I was just in a cleaning mood, and I said no, I am never in a cleaning mood, but I did have a party coming up and that made me force my own hand, so to speak.  Then Dad, of course, picked up Grandpa from Nell's and brought him home a bit early so that he, Dad, could head off for his shift at the temple.
On Wednesday I was off to work, making party poppers for the party while there, while Emily came upstairs to watch Grandpa.  She said that Beckie, 'discovered' this little white chair that day (though I took this picture later in the week) and spent most of the day sitting in it.  I thought that was very sweet.
Thursday morning was after the first freeze of the season and Ginny and I, who walk together Tuesdays and Thursdays, found lots of flowers with snow on them.  This Rose was pretty cool, because it had snow and frozen drips on the leaves.
I was off to work that day too, leaving Emily in charge of Grandpa.  After work I ran to Lindon to attend the wedding reception of one of our customers who was having a huge tea party theme for her reception.  She had been in the store a lot the previous month collecting tea cups and saucers as she was serving hot chocolate and the guest would be taking home their tea cups as favors.  Of course I saw a blog post in that as well, in fact I published it this morning.
Dad was working on projects at 3 different stores in Southern Utah, and spent the night in St. George that night, which was good because I was up most of the night getting things ready for the party.  Of course I especially missed him when I had to crawl into a cold bed at 2 A.M.

Then Friday was the big day, spooky witches flying in from all over Utah.   I think everyone had a good time.  I had bought a giant plastic cauldron and we got pics 'stirring the witch's brew'.  On the left are the three Best Witches, of course.

On Sunday morning Dad and Grandpa and I all headed north to see our  Grandchildren perform in the Primary Program.  That was so fun, especially since our little boy Trevor also got to be a part of the program, giving a message as a member of the bishopric.  It will be a couple more years before we get to see Titan and Elias doing theirs, but we enjoyed this one a lot.
 Here you get to see Dad wearing Eva's necklace, wasn't she nice to share.  We went by the house afterwards and shared lunch before heading back to our ward for Sunday School, Priesthood Meeting and Primary.

As always it was fun to see the kids antics.  Eva showed us her new bed tent and offered to let me play in there with her.  I told her that if I laid down I would fall asleep and that wouldn't be any fun at all. 

And here I am back at our ward with one of my two sunbeams for the day.  Sometimes I get as many as four or five children, but we just heard that the Stotts are moving, which made us all very sad, and I know that Brooklyn, shown here with me, will definitely miss Elsie, I know I will.
So that was our crazy week.  Hope yours was fun and crazy too... and for those who live here, I hope you all enjoy Halloween weather in the 70's, that has got to be a first, so enjoy!

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