Monday, October 8, 2012

Lunch Out, Book Club, A Painting Party, Conference AND A GRADUATION!!

On Monday, I kept busy with attending my We Can work meeting and luncheon.  We covered notebooks for women in battered women's shelters to use. Dad took Grandpa to Nell's again, but Grandpa is still getting used to being there.  He told Nell that she was a nice lady, but he didn't know her and needed to go ... I guess he still needs more time getting used to things there.
On Tuesday, my friend Arlene came down, she is Aunt Shirley's sister with whom I became very close in College, right after high school.  She is very into gardening and had seen my garden house on my Pollyanna blog and wanted to see it in person.  It was great to visit.  We then went to Cafe Rio in Spanish for lunch, after which I ran some errands.  Dad brought grandpa home early, as it was his Temple shift that night.  I got home in time to keep an eye on him for the evening.

On Wednesday, I went into work for a half a day, before heading to Kaysville, hitting second hand stores along the way, to attend Darby's graduation as a Pharmacy Tech from Davis Applied Technology Institute.  We were all pretty darn proud of her.  She is doing great and is actually looking at condos to buy.   We all met up for dinner afterwards at a fresh Mex place in Bountiful.

Before going to work on Thursday, I spray painted the pot on the shelf above.  I had bought some Sweet Basil the previous week and wanted to grow it in the kitchen window so that I could make the salad shown above to the right.  Yummy!  After work I attended our ward book club which Emily was hosting here at our house.  Afterwards I decoupaged the bird on the flower pot, potted the basil, took pictures of it and then blogged about it ... because that is how I roll.

On Friday the whole day was about Dad, which is a good thing.  Spencer came to watch grandpa and Dad and I took off to attend a session at the Bountiful temple at 10:30 with his Finnish Missionary group, those that were under the same mission president as he.   Afterwards me met at a ward house for lunch and a program.  Of course he loved it!  We didn't leave Bountiful and the reunion until almost four.  Spencer had his mission reunion that night too, so Emily filled the day care gap for Grandpa until I could get home to take over.  Dad was off again to go to the BYU game, and I didn't see him again until late that night.
Saturday was conference, and Emily had made arrangements for a painting party at Trevor and Nell's.  I went to some garage sales in Payson, and did some gift shopping at Walmart before heading up there.  By the time I got there, the painting was done.  Dad and Sam were finishing up installing one of the last windows that Trevor and Nell are replacing their old drafty windows with. 
 It was fun for me to see everyone though, look how cute Eva is playing with Adilyn's toes.

Sam Beverage came to help out, as did Nell's sisters Sarah and Alexis.  Here Scott is watching Sarah playing games on her phone.

Everyone enjoyed playing with and holding Adilyn, even Beckie.  It was really fun too, because Beckie is just starting to walk and she demonstrated her wobbly steps, sometimes 10 or 12 in a row.  She is so cautious, its just darling.  We missed seeing Becca and Brady because they ran off to Disneyland, it was a surprise spur of the moment thing for Brady's birthday.

That night Dad took Grandpa and the boys, including Sam, to the priesthood session of conference.  They went for Mexican afterward, as is the tradition.

On Sunday Emily brought up leftovers from their conference breakfast before I could make a fancy breakfast, so that was perfect.  Grandpa and Dad ate the waffles and aunt Cheryl ate the sausage, and everyone was happy, especially me because I didn't have to cook at all.  We watched both sessions of conference together in the family room, then Grandpa, Dad and I headed up to Trevor and Nell's again for Conference dinner.

I love seeing my kids and grands playing together and being good friends.

Nell made meatball subs, and they were a big hit.  I even took some home for Cheryl, and she liked them too, which is no small thing!!
Dad and I spent a quiet evening at home.  Grandpa sat in with Aunt Cheryl watching TV, while Dad and I sat in the living room and read together.  It was very calm and peaceful!


  1. Calm & peaceful, a milestone. Meaning my brother stopped talking? Or you shut the door . . . Challenging when your life suddenly revolves around the senior parent.

    1. Well, he was in the family room and we were in the parlor, and this old house does have thick walls, so if he was chattering, we didn't hear it. He actually has a bout of chattering every day, usually for about two or three hours, but then he will be mostly quiet otherwise, so not so bad. Sometimes his chattering is after he is in bed, so if I am on the computer I try to tune it out.

  2. Congrats to Darby! Pharmacy is a perfect field for her since I know she has photographic memory! Way to go Darby! Love seeing all the family gathering, reunions, yummy food. I, too, love seeing my kids laugh and talk together. It's the best. Love you!