Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shakespeare, Skeletons, a Seventieth Birthday, and a Rooster on the Roof!

This was definitely a weird week for me.  For one thing, I ended up being sick on Saturday and Sunday, which somehow just seems wrong ... Those are supposed to be party days and rest days, right?
 Monday I worked on invitations for my Witch's party, which is happening later in the month.  Then on Tuesday my friend Wendy, shown to the right, picked me up and we spent a couple of days in Cedar City antiquing and see Les Mis and Hamlet at the Shakespeare Festival.
I got home Wednesday evening, and got to spend time with Dad.  He had done his regular temple shift on Tuesday night, leading a session, which I missed.  Emily made that possible by taking care of Grandpa Carlo that evening, since I was gone. Above is shown the large skeleton I got in Cedar City that I dressed up in a girly fashion ... isn't she spooky?

Thursday morning, while walking with Ginny Taylor from the ward, we saw this chicken on the roof of a house.  Made us both smile.  Then I was off to work, and Dad took Cheryl to see Greg Skodis (Aunt Wendi's brother) and was able to get a power of attorney for her, since Greg went to High School with her and knew her, and could sign without any ID, which we don't currently have. 

On Friday I got to babysit for Trevor and Nell, while she photographed a wedding.  They had other care set up, but when the two girls got sick Thursday, they didn't dare take them to a house with other children.  They all seemed fine, and I got to play some games with them, and put on a short version of Little Red Riding Hood.  I got about an hour at DI, which is normally my business for Friday, before picking up Grandpa at Davin's, since Spencer (his normal day care person for Friday) had taken him there before heading to Idaho with Davin to look at a car.  (They spent the night with Britt, which I think they all enjoyed!)

That night Dad and I took Grandpa to Salt Lake where we attended the 70th birthday celebration for my brother Clark, at his daughter, Jill's, house.  We both had a good time visiting with my siblings and hearing good old 'Clark' stories.
 I love the painting above, it is of Jill's two oldest daughters.  I thought it was just charming!!

I was supposed to go to a baby shower on Saturday, but was feeling under the weather, so I snuggled into bed for most of the day. (My symptoms, btw, were not related to those which Eva and Lu had had before I babysat them)  
That morning Dad took his Dad and they met up with Darby to look at a condo she is thinking of making an offer on.  Then they went by Cheryl's to see if Dad could find some kind of ID items to help get a state ID card, as we need that to get Cheryl some insurance, and the homeowners association had changed the locks on her condo, there was a notice on the door saying that they had determined it was empty and had done so to 'secure their interests' or something like that.  Crazy! 
That afternoon Dad went to the BYU football game, which he enjoyed for three quarters of the game. 
When he got home we met up with Kews to go to Salt Lake for an art film and trendy dinner.  I had slept most of the day, and was feeling a little better.  The dinner was at a place called Plum Ally, and was Asian Fusion, but everything was SOOO hot ... the hanging assorted lanterns, shown above, was the best part.  After dinner we saw a documentary called Looking for Sugarman which had been recommended by the Movie Show guys.  I was still a little out of it and dozed in and out, making it really surreal for me.  The other three all really liked it!
Today, I stayed home for sacrament meeting, but they had the practice for the Primary Program, and it was my day to 'teach' so I dragged myself over there.  After church Dad made dinner, and I had mine in bed.  By evening I was feeling a little better, and right now, just after midnight, I feel pretty normal.  Just hoping it lasts, I have a busy week coming up. 

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