Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Flea Week ...

Yep, that was some week.  Monday I added the pennant banner to my mantel, along with some cleaning, and getting into preparing stuff for the flea market Saturday.  That meant there were gathering boxes all over the house to trip on, and furniture in the process of being painted to dodge in the kitchen. Did I mention I have the most patient husband on the planet?

Dad and I watched us some British TV that night, as is becoming a norm for us.  I have decided that I need projects to do while we watch, so I have been blogging or doing price tags for the store ... that helps with the guilt of wasting time, LOL

Tuesday was more of the same, except that Dad did his temple shift in the evening, so I spent the evening working on projects and then reading.
On Wednesday, I took this painted sign with me to work and did the lettering there, along with my regular work stuff of pricing and putting things out.

On Thursday I worked on this project at work.  I seems that I gather small stuff all the time, mostly things that are hard to display, or which just build clutter when added to a display on a shelf.  Another dealer at the other building had done this with such items, so I gathered a bunch of them, and bought cellophane bags last week,  and then, before work, I made up the headers on card stock and put them together at work.  Pretty fun, actually, and then, since I was also gathering things from work to take to the sale, I decided to take these ... (I'd made about 40 of them, and sold 10 at flea.o.logy, which was actually pretty good for a one day sale ... now to find more tinees ...)

That night Dad and I gathered all the odd boxes, and painted projects, and goodies from the dining room table, and stuff the van with them, so I would be ready for set up the next day.
Then Friday it was time to do the set up at Olson's Garden Shoppe, I got up early that day and finished up some painting projects. Then it was off to the garden shop at 10 to welcome dealers as they set up.   You can see the rack of tinees on the right side of this photo ...

Heres a shot of another part of my display ...
That evening Dad showed up to help me, and Trevor and Nell came to set up for her.  Trevor actually took off and got dinner for Dad and me, which was so nice ...  I thought it was funny that the guys, above, including Fred Cox, were all wearing beanies, so I corralled them into a photo op.  :-)
I got to the Garden Shoppe at 7:00 AM  Saturday morning to supervise the dealers from Salt Lake who do the late set up ... then at 10:00 it was time to admit the shoppers, I really think it was our biggest start ever ...

Nell's friend Alicia came and did professional photos, here we see Nell sitting for her's.  We also had a  bistro truck from Cravings in American Fork, which everyone loved.
Nell's friend Liz also came and did face painting, which we see here demonstrated by Titan.  Briahnna and McKenna also came to support us, while Davin, evidently stayed home to work on his talk for church the next day. 

Here I am with a few flea.o.logy vendors, past and present ... Shanna, to the left is the leader of the Reclaimologist group I belong to, then peeking from behind is Kelli, a brilliant local artist, next is Christine, who heads up the Vintage Yardsale Utah group.  Both Shanna and Christine have around 9,000 local junking  followers, and I credit their advertising on their own sites as a big part of our success for this sale!

On Sunday, Dad was off to high council meeting, and then to speak in another ward, as it was the third Sunday, the missionary that was assigned to speak with him had a million excuses, so he took Steve Kew, who is always good to gab!

While I was at our Sacrament meeting with Spencer and Brit, he was speaking in both of the nursing home sacrament meetings, because their high council speaker had fallen through. Yeah Dad!

Next we were off to hear Davin speak in his new ward in Spanish Fork.  He and Bri had sick kids, so she stayed home and missed his amazing talk.  I told him he caused me to sin, because I was so proud of him.  His talk was like a general authority at conference.  So glad we got the invite!

On our way home we stopped to visit Grandpa at the nursing home.  After we had  been there about 15 minutes, Spencer and Brit stopped in ... too fun ... we all stayed about another half an hour, and it was pretty nice, Grandpa seemed to be happy to be part of the group, and Dad brought him jelly beans, and Spencer and Brit brought him chocolates, which he always likes.
In the afternoon while Brittney was gone visiting teaching, Spencer joined us, which was fun.  He had been looking at typewriters at flea.o.logy the day before, thinking it would be a nice tool for adding some personality to his invoices.  I had him get mine, the one I bought to use for crafting, and have yet to use ... he loved playing with it, and we were all trying to figure out how it worked.  Dad and I laughed when he asked where the enter key was ... so funny ... we showed him how to use the lever to 'return'...

Then Dad was off to a meeting, and Brit and Spencer made us dinner, which they brought up after Dad got home.  Its was this delicious faux tamale dish made with corn bread, and we loved it!!

So that was our week, sort of all geared toward flea.o.logy.  It was fun to see the kids that came to it, and we so appreciate their help and generosity all week. 

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