Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Photo Card Book

With the holidays over, I know it's time, to take down the Christmas cards with which I cover my kitchen cupboards in December.  (Then my family can share them, and read the newsletters when they come by, I owe the idea to my friend Robin)

I used to throw away all but my own Children's picture cards, which I put in my Christmas journal, but it was hard.  Last year, having been introduced to the concept smash books and the idea that you could put things of different sizes into the same binding, and it would be OK with the world anyway ... I gathered them together, punched holes in each photo card and tied it up with bakers twine.

I did have to trim a bit off the long cards, but then I stacked them, with the cards even in the bottom and the left.

Here you see This year's book and the one I made a year ago look together.  In both cases I chose a favorite Christmas card for the cover ....

This is what it looks like inside if you take a peek.

I love how they look, and someday I will have a whole basket full of these little books.  I will be able to check back and see how a great niece or friend's child changed as they grew up.  I only wish I had thought of this years ago!

Happy cleaning and organizing to all ....

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