Monday, January 13, 2014

Trevor turns 33, Reagan Almost Turns One and Davin donates Bone Marrow.

Yep we had a week with two birthdays ... well almost ... Trevor's birthday was Tuesday, and Reagan's is today, but we celebrated it this past week, but, then,  I am getting ahead of myself ... "who is the lady with the soup?" you ask?  Which takes us back to Monday ... Carolyn is serving up some of my creamed chili soup, a staple for us this winter.  We are at We Can at her house, and have spent the morning coloring ... best service project ever, and next month we get to make Valentines ... yep it keeps us young, maybe we could add recess?!

After a morning with oldsters, I got to spend the afternoon with youngsters ... namely Elias and Addie, above Addie sits on the stairs with her Jamma (Bri's Mom) and talks to her mom and dad on the phone.  They were in Denver as Davin was donating bone marrow.  Did you know that they prefer donors who are male and in their twenties?  Davin had sent in a mouth swab to a donor registry a couple of years ago and was a match with a man with an immune deficiency.  He flew to Denver with Bri and baby McKenna Sunday night, while Jamma watched these two, I took over about 1:30 on Monday afternoon and watched them until about 9 that night. Dad, meanwhile, was hosting our family home evening group on his own, what a trooper!

On Tuesday, Trevor's big day, I got some much needed housekeeping done before heading to Salt Lake to do some junking and check out a new Anthropologiesque store on 13th south, which means I got to drive by the haunted castle that was formerly 'Commercial Equipment'.  In fact when my Dad and his brothers built it ... Uncle Tenny is said to have put so much rebar in one of the cinderblock towers they joked that no one would ever be able to tear it down, and so far they are right!

Next I met Arlene at the Jordan River Temple for a session, with dinner afterwards.  Dad, of course, was working his shift at the Provo temple that evening.

Wednesday, before work, I hustled and took pics for another instasale that Reclaim_ologists had that day on Instagram. 

I then headed to work and worked on my 'flea.o.logy flea.bits' booth.  I was able to get this cubby filled with jars of goodies ... each jar has strip tear tags with prices on the sides ... I have been doing really well with sales from this booth, and have enjoyed searching out the little stuff...

Dad and I spent the evening reading in our rooms, which I always find relaxing and companionable.

On Thursday it was another work day for me, I put together this Valentines Display, as well as one in the store across the way. When I got home, Dad had made dinner, some really yummy chili, then that evening we watched an episode of 'Call the Midwife', which we enjoyed.

On Friday I met Chris Olson at her garden shoppe to see what space we had available for the upcoming flea.o.logy this weekend.  When I got home  I worked the rest of the day on my craft room, and though there is still much to be done, at least I can see some progress ... kind of tricky when you do so much with organizing little stuff, but it barely shows. 

After dinner we watched another episode of 'Call the Midwife'.

On Saturday I did my chores before heading into Provo where I checked out a store I have been following on Instagram ... loved their sign, and thought it would be a great place for Spencer and Brittney to sell hatchets.  I did some junking around Provo, went to Hobby Lobby and Target before meeting Dad in American Fork to drive up to Reagan's first birthday party in Highland.

I loved that someone brought a mustache that got passed around, and when I got this picture of Elias, I thought he looked like Omar Sharif.

Here are some fun shots of Reagan's party ...

Ben thought to bring a gift for Titan, so he wouldn't feel bad about his sister getting so many presents ... here Elias tries out the punching gloves on Uncle Trevor.  Becca said it was so weird to have all her brothers there and none of her sisters.
Don't you love how Brittney's socks match Spencer's sweater?

On Sunday Dad was off to his double sacrament meetings at the nursing homes, while I sat with Spencer and Brit at our meeting. Then I got to teach Sunday School, which I always love ...

After church Dad and I got our temple recommends renewed, then we picked up Spencer and Brit and went to see Grandpa ... who was playing at being shoeless Joe again, not sure why that happens ...

Grandpa seemed very happy during our visit and ate half box of candy we had brought him, with a bit of help from Spencer.

Then it was off to family pizza night at Trevor's ... who has become quite the gourmet ...  I said he's come a long way since his teens when he made Pizza every Sunday  for years .... he said it was just because back then I was providing ingredients ... hmmm, thats true.  The pizzas were great, and everyone seemed to enjoy them.
Don't you love the funny faces this trio presented me for this photo?  I do!

Of course cousin time is always the best, and Trevor showed us the slide show of 2013 he had made, which was super amazing!

When we got home Dad crashed ....

and I 'did' the mantel in the dining room for Valentines .... took pictures and went upstairs to blog .... Yawn ....


  1. Ben is such a good uncle to think to bring a gift for Titan!

    I love the the Teacup Valentine!

    So cool that Davin got picked and that he would actually go do it!! Was it painful?

    Elias does look like Omar!

    Liked the mustache on the baby as well!

    I am always amazed by how much you get done!


  2. Loved the tea cup display. And fun times!