Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Emily Makes Us Party, Party, Party

 Our second week of Emily's visit, started with her helping me recover the house from the trip.  We'd pulled stuff out of the van, to go to Idaho, and most of that had ended up in the dining room.  She was a champ.  She even took on the main floor shower that needed serious attention!

My book club luncheon was at one that day.  We had a lovely time, and Emily took her kids out for a few hours, while we were luncheoning.

We heard later that day that Addie had jumped off the couch and had seriously broken her arm.  I guess she wanted to be like her cousins Charlie and Reagan, but different too, since they both had broken their left arms.

That night, after the kids were down, we watched Downton Abbey with Emily.
On Tuesday I did some blogging in the morning before heading north with Emily and the kids.  She dropped me off in Bountiful so I could attend the temple there with my friend Arlene.  While in the temple, it was so fun to have my sister-in-law Dianne be there to help me at the end of the session.  She said she was just training, but it was absolutely delightful!  

Arlene and I went to the Zupa's near her house, and then to her house where Emily stopped to pick me up.  She had gone to Ogden with her kids to visit her friend Meg there.  I dropped Emily and the kids off at Becca's for a sleep over, then since  Dad was at the temple, as usual, I did some Hatchet packaging.  Good times!

On Wednesday morning I picked up Emily and Becca and their kids, plus Eleanor, who Becca watches on Wednesdays.  We all headed to Thanksgiving point and went to the petting zoo.

The four oldest got to ride the ponies twice, which caused extreme delight in them all.

 They even got to meet Sven the Reindeer.

 ... and we had a hay ride too.

 ... after the petting zoo we took the crowd to see Ashley at her new job at Market Street Grill on west 10600 south.

You could tell they don't get a lot of kids there.  We all had fun, and the food was good, not surprisingly.

 We dropped off Becca and her kids, then went to drop off Eleanor, and had a bit of a visit.  Trevor showed us this awesome industrial head board he is making, largely from pallet wood. We had a nice visit with Nell, who is still under the weather, but even stayed and had Pancakes for dinner, and Dad joined us there as well!

On Thursday we hung out at home. Here are some home time shots of the grands ... watching our flat screen.  Its kind of weird not to have a TV in a more public place, but it works, I guess.
How cute is Bekie in my glasses?

Then on Friday Emily, Bekie and I headed out to do some gift shopping and birthday deliveries.

I also got a few minutes at the second week of the Beehive Bazaar, and met up with the assemblage artist I'd met at the vintage sale in Springville about a month ago, his  name is Jake Buntjer and I love his stuff.
I also saw some of the work of another artist I've been a little crazy about lately. His name is J. Kirk Richards, and he has a lot of art that reminds me of Minerva Teichert.

Then we hooked up with Dad and headed to temple square.  We met up with Ben and Hannah there, as well as Becca and Brady and kids, and Davin and Bri and their kids.

The sister missionaries came by and visited with me for a bit.

 Emily had arranged for her friend Meg to come and join us too, so that made it even more fun.  And Meg brought me some of the honey that her beekeeping husband collects, how cool is that?
 Afterwards we went to the City Creek Center Mall, which is beautiful.  I even got a cute shot of McKenna's lone, adorable bottom tooth. (She knocked the other out a few months ago falling from a bed)  I think it is so cute!

The food court there has this fun soft dinosaur playland.

 Above we see Adi working on her one handed chop stick skills!
It was a late night with us all getting home after 10:00 P.M.

 Then we were up early on Saturday morning to go to Dad's work party at a theater in Salt Lake ...

This year there was free popcorn and drinks ...

 and we even got to have Ian there, along with two of his friends, as Kim gave up her ticket to sleep in.  After the movie Emily and I headed south, while Dad headed north to spend as much time as he could on our niece Megan's bathroom.  He had issues drilling to attach the deck of the shower to the cement floor, so was a bit frustrated, but expects smooth sailing next week and plans to start tiling!
and then when we dropped the boys off  Kim came out to see her aunt Emily.

 Emily and I, along with her kids, ran a few errands, before heading to Becca and Brady's.  (Dad had taken off after the movie for an inventory).

We got to see Brady putting together a new set of Ikea couches for the sushi party that night that they were hosting.

Then Emily and Becca started on the sushi prep work, and I ran out to do some shopping before meeting everyone at the party.
 Dad and I got to meet Darby's friend Heber at the sushi party that night.

... and everyone enjoyed the amazing goodness of Emily's sushi skills.  For Becca, Dad and me it was the second time in a week!  Yum.

Spencer's Brittney's sister Angela joined us, though she's not a sushi fan.  Becca had made curry too, so there was something for everyone!

Kim and Zach came again, which was fun, you can see her here with the family snuggle bug, McKenna.
 Afterwards we all snuggled up and watched Guardian's of the Galaxy!
On the way home Emily and I stopped to get the groceries for Bethlehem dinner the next day, and ran into Briahnna, also stopping off at the Macey's in Spanish for a few necessities ... 

On Sunday Emily and the kids came with me to church, which I had been looking forward to.  I usually sit alone or with friends since Brittney and Spencer have gone off to Korea (and Yeah, they will be here this coming Sunday!!)  When Bekie was told she was going to church she grabbed a couple of things her mom had bought for her dad for Christmas and said something like 'we take these to daddy at church'.  Emily sat the items down and said 'Daddy is not at church', and Bekie had a melt down.  Poor girl missing her daddy so much!

I'd told Emily how good our sister gospel doctrine teacher is, so she expected to be disappointed like you are when you expect too much, but said she thought she was just as amazing as I had said she was.  So of course it was an amazing lesson.

 After church we went over to Davin and Bri's so that Emily could see their house.  Her kids were more impressed with Darby's dog, however, and had a good time playing with him!

It had also snowed, finally, and Emily got to introduce her children to snow!  William got right into it, as you can see he is throwing snow ... at me!

 When we got home I made some cookies with Bekie as my helper.  She seemed to enjoy 'making' with me.
That night she dressed up as an angel for our Bethlehem dinner number one.  We are having two, this one is for Emily and the other is for Spencer and Brittney, its next Sunday.

Emily's high school friend Katie came with her cute 13 year old step daughter Mikala, who actually stepped in and played Mary for us, opposite Scott as Joseph.

Mc Kenna got her second year playing the baby.
Stalwart shepherds.

... and a lovely angel ... thanks Hannah.

meanwhile a shepherd finds a way to pass the time while watching after her sheep.
 Briahnna played Christmas hymns while we sang after the scripture reading and nativity play.
It was really a lovely evening to remember it is the birth of Christ we celebrate at Christmas.

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