Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Decorating Trees, Riding Dinos and Eating Sushi!

 This week started out with a full day setting up for the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake ... the first pic shows all the ladies who helped, the second is the completed tree and the third is the table and chairs Dad and I did for the tea party!!

After set up the ladies and I went to lunch, then I did some junking since I was in Salt Lake ... that night we hosted our Family Home Evening group at our house.

 On Tuesday I spent the better part of the day getting the house ready for Emily's visit starting the next day.  It meant moving the whole Hatchet Shipping Co, from the guest room to my room!!  Yahoo!  Functional guest room once more.

That evening, while Dad was gone to the temple in Provo for his regular shift, I went with these ladies to see our tree, as well as the other trees, at Bid Night for Festival of Trees!

I bought this wreath in the gift shop at the Festival of Trees.  I mean it was adorable and there's no better cause, right? The balls are covered with bits of old sweaters, I love it!

On Wednesday I was off to work as usual, while Dad took off half a day to go and pick up Emily and her kids at the airport!!

They stopped by on the their way to house so I could see them all!!  Happy Day! Yep, shy grandkids who haven;t see their Mimi and Papa for 6 months!

 Later, Dad and Emily and all, met up with Becca and Brady and their clan to tour the festival of trees too.  Above you can see them  in front of our tree!

Grandpa and William are dressed in Christmas colors!

 That night I got to have my first time with the grands, the next morning, in the middle of dressing, Bekie grabbed the Santa hat and did a little dance on the stairs, she is just too cute!
At work on Thursday, this guy came into the store, that look enough like Spencer to make me look twice.  I just have to remind myself we don't get to see Spencer until two days after Emily goes back to Texas.

... And while I was at work, Becca and Emily took all their combined kids to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving point!  Becca and Brady bought a pass there and can get their guests in for half price, which makes it really doable!  Thanks B and B!
 After work, Emily left the kids at home with Grandpa and picked me up at work so that I could go to the Beehive Bazaar, which I love, because we were leaving for Idaho the next day and it was my only chance to check out the awesome crafty goods.  One dealer was selling homemade soaps that smelled amazing, which lead to Emily googling soap making and then we discussed making soap all the way home, with her looking up any questions we had about the process.  Did you know that tallow, the fat used in making candles, comes from sheep?

The next day it was time to head north.  We picked up Becca and crew, then stopped at my friend Angie's in American Fork as I had bought a letter sweater letter from her ... I got enough pics of her darling decor that I was able to do my blog post for my Pollyanna Blog, which I had forgotten about, on the way to Idaho, using my phone!!  Gotta love technology!
We found this dinosaur at the gas station in Tremonton, so the kids got to have a photo op! Bekie loved it so much that every time we stopped for gas and sometimes when we just passed a gas station, for the rest of the trip, she'd say she wanted to stop and see the dinosaur.  Too funny!

We arrived in Meridian, where the girls made short work of catching up.
.. and the cousins had fun with the other cousins toys.

Here William enjoys a chair, just the right size.

The next day we were all off to see the latest Hunger Games movie. 

Afterwards we stopped in at the local Anthropolgie in Boise to pick up a couple of the black letter mugs they carry for the collection I am doing for my cubbie shelves in our soon to be remodeled kitchen.  I got a B for Becca and Britt and an E for Emily to remind me of this fun trip.

After that we stopped at Trader Joe's for fish for the next day's Sushi, then loaded up on great deals at Bath and Body Works after dropping lunch off to Mike at his work.
Here Becca checks out a fun dress for work at Anthropologie!

It took a lot of pics to get one where all the grands were looking and their mouths were smiling and their eyes were open ... OK Charly got mixed up and we got her with her mouth open instead.

Thee were lots and lots of loves to be had too!
Charly kept us entertained much of the time by insisting hat her mom put on the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, with it's retro dancible tunes, and then dancing to them. It was so fun!

... and Sunday, the last day of the trip, came too soon.  The visitors all headed off to the local Mormon church, and when we got home ... 

 ... Emily made us all delicious sushi!  Yummy!!

The day ended with a very long ride home ... Dad and I, along with Emily et al arrived in Payson about 10:00 P.M.  It had been an awesome trip!

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