Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me and My Marci Week.

This week started with my birthday!  Yeah for me.  Dad worked, as he always has meetings Monday which makes it hard for him to take it off.  I drove to SLC and did some junking then met Dad at the Parrish B and B.  The house was not much bigger than ours and hosted 5 guest rooms.  Can you guess what conversation that sparked?  Yep, we drew floor plans of our house on napkins with walls to be moved etc.  Still thinking.

On Tuesday, after sleeping in until a luxurious 8:00 AM, we had breakfast and spent the day junking together.  With an antique show coming that weekend, it was a good time to find some last minute items.  To the left is my friend Marci's Steampunk booth at Vinestreet Antiques in Murray, where I got to talk to owner Rusty about their last minute plans to do a booth at the Acorn Antique show on Saturday.  That was good to hear, as Marci has never done an antique show before and I knew we would have a blast with her there.

Dad finished off the day by running to do his evening shift at the temple, while I just junked my way on home...

Wednesday I worked as usual, and packed up lots of good stuff to take to the show.  Dad also worked, and gathered some healthy goodness for me to make green smoothies for our Girls Spa Night that night.  Above is a picture of 'the girls' at spa night.  Dad and Sam kept an eye on the younger kids, though Eva joined us for a lot of the event.  I think everyone had fun.  We had a gal come and do glitter toes, Emily's friend Katie did massages, and Emily did facials.  Doesn't Kim look adorable with her face mask and green smoothie?

Eleanor was not altogether sure about the whole 'Mask' thing, as were none of the one year olds.  "Do I really want a kiss from 'Mommy'?

I was super happy to have all the realistically possible girls there.  Britt of course had to take a miss, but maybe next year we can plan it when she is in town.  It was very laid back, and relaxing.  I think Bri fell asleep getting her massage, but then she did predict that would happen ... oh the joys of pregnancy .... yawn.

On Thursday both Dad and I worked, then he took his Dad to dinner.  I gathered more goodies for the show while at work, as well as doing a couple of the French signage projects I do , while there.  Then when I got home I worked on taking some rusty bed springs apart to sell at the show.  When Dad got back from SLC we got into action and got the van loaded, and it was FULL!!  I knew I would be doing a booth, at an antique show, on my own, for the first time ever, and knowing that I was going to need to fill it up, led me to dig a little deeper, I think.  I had  been saving the best of my findings for months, and after doing the loading, and after Dad had headed upstairs, I finished up yet more of my reinventions for the show.

Early, early Friday morning I was off for my drive to the Weber County fairgrounds for the antique show set up, almost a hundred miles.  I drove in tandem with Bruce Allison who I used to share a booth with, then he helped me unload the van, before we worked together unloading his.  Our booths were side by side, and Fred, Cathie Cox's husband, came over and asked if it was a 'trial seperation', of course we all laughed.  Several other dealers asked about it too, like we had had a fight and split, so funny. All that happened is that when I was in Hawaii, there was a show and he did it alone and did half again as much money, pretty convincing.  We had done it together to facilitate the freedom of having a partner to watch our stuff so the off duty one could wander the show.  This way we still found that we could watch each others' booth, but we both had our best shows ever, so it was a good decision.

It was super fun to have Marci at the show, and her booth was amazing.  She and Rusty basically moved her whole Steampunk booth from the mall, shown above (Monday).  Her booth was crammed with people the whole weekend, but I am not sure if there were very many people who appreciate it like I do. Most had never heard of the style, but all wre in awe like thelady, who professed to LOVE IT, said that she thought it looked like Frankenstien's Castle .... well, it sort of does, actually, when you think about it.

That night when I was driving home, Dad called and told me to come to Becca's new place, as they were finishing up her move.  I guess virtually everyone had come to help, except Darby, who had to work and who sent her friend Phil in her stead.  The place is so charming, they were so lucky to have a chance to get it.  Becca is having fun with the decorating part, which PROVES she really is my daughter!! (Not that there was ever a question mind you.) And now Brady and Phil have totally bonded having wrestled Brady's gun cabinet down the stairs and into place .... I am just sure Brady is grateful they don't have a piano anymore.

Saturday I was off early again, about the time Dad took off for his longest run ever 7.9 miles and now he has dreams of running a half marathon. 
We had a neighbor use our yard for a garage sale to raise money for a hoped for adoption that day, so Dad couldn't mow again.  Its been so weird, every time he would have had a chance to mow in the last 3 weeks, its been raining, or there's been a sale set up in the yard.  Its looking like a jungle out there ... so funny.

He did manage to keep busy though, as he put in the last two footings for my garden house.  Its so exiting for me to see it actually happening, although the site is far from impressive at this point.

As I mentioned the sale went well and I sold a ton of stuff.  I also bought a ton of stuff, but then, that is my business.  I actually found very little I wanted for myself, but did get some good deals for resale.

On Sunday, Dad was off to his meetings with the ward he works with, while I was off to the north again.  Bruce had planned to help me load the van when the show closed, and I was grateful to give Dad a by, as its not really his favorite thing.  Imagine my delight when he showed up anyway.  Take down is always SO fast when he comes, as he can load the van as fast as I can pack up, we almost always finish about the same time. 
I did stay, however, after he left, to help other dealers.  Cathie and Jenn shared a booth for the first time. (My flea.o.logy partners) and neither of them did well, so they were dragging a bit getting their stuff down. It was fun to help them, as well as a couple of other dealers.  Then we got the word that someone had a welder's mask  outside and dealers were out there looking at the amazing eclipse.   Above is Marci taking her turn, while Gary, of Cat's Cradle in Provo, looks on.  That was a serindipitus moment.

Well that was our week.  Dad and I still have lots to think about in terms of the changes in our life style running a B and B would require, but we have talked about it often enough over the years to know there is a real interest there.

Hope your week was great, and that you managed to keep busy.  We know that Becca and Brady certainly did.


  1. I am tired all of over--just reading it! You two cram so much life into a week! Happy Birthday (Glad we are celebrating tomorrow!) The spa night looked like fun!

    Way to go on the 7+ run, Scott.