Monday, May 14, 2012

Bibs, Glitter Toes, Bazaars,Cafe Rio, a Window, Dark Shadows and Mother's Day

Its been a mixed week.  On Monday I helped make bibs at We Can for an orphanage in China.  After that I checked out the new Le Bodacious Boutique in Santequin.  Dad and I had our family home evening group that night at Dockstaders.

On Tuesday a pedicurist came to our house and gave me 'glitter toes'.  I bought a bunch of gift certificates from her to have her come back and do them for all my girls who are mothers for their mother's day gift next week. Dad did his regular evening at the temple that night.

Wednesday I worked, and then after work went to help my friend Jenn set up her booth at the Beehive Bazaar.  I love this necklace that she made, and found some hang tags and a Curious George bag to buy.

After work on Thursday I met Davin, Bri and Elias at the Cafe Rio in Orem.  We had a great dinner, as one always has at Cafe Rio, and a nice visit as well.

I always love one on one with my kids when I can get it, and thought that was a lovely Mother's day gift.  Dad was at home working on cementing in the supports for the garden house he is building me for my birthday and mother's day and maybe Christmas and our anniversary too!  (For perhaps five years worth.)

After Cafe Rio I picked up Robin in Highland and we ran over to Dear Lizzie's for their big sale.  We had a lot of fun, and I found the same blouse shown on this mannequin, and used my super coupon to take it home!! 

On Friday Emily invited me to go to a rummage sale with her that is for a lady in our ward who is trying to raise money to adopt a baby.  Spencer drove up as we were driving away and allowed us to hi-jack him.  It was definitely more fun that way.  Dad and I had a wedding reception that night, and got a chance to have a nice long chat with one of the other High Councilmen and his wife.

I worked on Saturday and Dad stayed home to 'slave' for me.  He put in the other two supports for the garden house, then stripped off the nasty aluminum windows from the Kitchen window.  The windows are all hidious, but the one that covered the kitchen window caused an accumulation of gunge between them and the antique wood framed windows.  I just wanted them gone, so I could have clean windows ... Dad worked his magic and Voila!!

When I got home from work, after I was done ooohing and awwwwing over the window, the Kews came and got us and we went and saw Dark Shadows, then had Mexican food.

On Mother's day I awoke to the smell of sausage cooking. Before long Dad brought up this amazing looking tray.  Yummy, Yummy.  Who knew that one day be would become a great cook!! He did have to help me eat it though, as it was enough for a small country.
It was also a nice surprise when Dad told me that Becca had made me a corsage.  I loved the colors, I think this blue may be my new favorite.  Thanks Beckster!!

Then Sam mentioned to Dad that there were flowers on the front porch that they had been there since Saturday.  It turned out to be 2 dozen roses and chocolates too, from my fourth favorite son. (Ben, and his choice of words, not mine)

So after  a nice mother's day program at church we  headed to Becca's for our last family dinner there.  She and Brady are moving into his parents, very nice, basement apartment and they are renting out their house.  Their payment was swamping them, and so to allow them to save for another house, they are renting it out, pretty much for the payment. 

I received lovely gifts, cards and flowers.  Thanks kids.  Nell brought a pan of the 'homemade Twix bars' that I love instead of cake.  You can't tell in this picture but Trevor is holding a lighter over the pan of yumminess for me to blow out .... it was very amusing, just look at J. Scott.  We all had a great time.  Afterwards we headed up to Heuers to drop off the second season of Downton Abbie, then to visit with Barb for a bit about an upcoming project.
So that was our week, full of projects, work, fun with kids and grandkids and all the other things that are making our golden years, well, golden.