Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Text of our 2011 Christmas Letter!

  The Perkins Family Counting Down to Christmas!
1 is for the one new grandchild we welcomed this year.  Becky was born to Emily & Sam in Sept.
2   is for Britt & Mike’s two moves this year to Twin Falls and then to Meridian, Idaho, where Mike is managing a Best Buy.
3 is for our 3 one year old grandchildren Elias (Davin & Bri) Eleanor (Trevor & Nell) Titan (Becca & Brady) Who are fun and adorable and all totally unlike each other.
4 is four our fun and funny four year old Eva.  She has gone to preschool this year. (Trevor & Nell)
5 is for the fifth member of Ashley and Andy’s family who just turned three and who refers to himself in the third person as ‘the baby’.  (Zach)
6 is for the 6th month (June) in which Paula and her business partners ( and a friend went to Washington to the Farm Chicks Antiques and Flea Market where they all had a blast!
7 is for the number of grandchildren that Scott and I took for an overnight camping trip at Payson Lakes (Which was closed the next night due to bear sightings…)
8  is for the 8 day trip we (Scott, Paula, Darby, Becca & Titan) took to Canada to pick up Elder Perkins  from his mission.
9  is for the 9 years that Brittany worked at Verizon, before quitting to be a stay at home mom and Alex, 5, is thrilled to get to stay home all day with her!
10  is for Ashley and Andy’s son Ian, who turned 10 and who is smart and funny AND helpful!
11  is for our eleven wonderful  grand children who do so much to enrich our lives.
12  is for the new 12 seater van that we purchased after I lost the engine in my convertible .
13  is for the miles that Davin ran in his first ever half Marathon.
14   is for the combined miles Scott is running each week. (3+4+7)
15  is for the 15 hours a day that Briahnna and Davin have to work on their web site business in December.  (Opera Glasses make Great Gifts I guess)(
16 is for the $1600 we spent to install a garage door on our carport, after Scott and Sam framed it in, and which is totally worth the money!!
17 is for the spot on which the Festival of Trees tree we helped with this year was displayed (Q17)
18  is for the combined ages of my two 9 year old grandsons, J. Scott (Trevor & Nell) and Kai (Britt and Mike) and for how much fun they have when they are able to get together, now that they live in neighboring states, instead of neighboring cities.
19 is for the 19th letter in the alphabet, which is S and which stands for Scott,  who went from supervising upgrading displays in 22 stores to doing the same in 47 stores.
20 is for the 20th century and Kim is our last family member born in the 20th century.  This month she also became our first teenaged grandchild
21 is for Spencer’s golden birthday as he turned 21 this year on the 21st of July in the 21st century!
22  is for the number of family activities that Darby attended, even though she is working full time and going to school (Where she is carrying a 4.0)  … she ROCKS!!
23  is for the mpg that Ben gets in his new Mustang, gotta pay for style I guess.
24 is for the 24 month mission that our son Spencer completed in October to BC, Canada.
25 is for how many times (at least) that we have thought of you this year, and wished you well.  Here are more thoughts and wishes for a fabulous Holiday and an amazing year to come. 

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